Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


65. Imposter under Dumbledore's Nose

We were back there, where we started, in front of the maze entrance.
The most substantial contrast to the graveyard was that music was played, people cheered and celebrated and it was much brighter. 
We both released the cup but Harry didn't release Cedric from his grip.
I just pressed my shaking hands against my ears, irritated by that noises.
"He's dead! He's dead! That's no reason to celebrate!" I thought.
Harry bend over Cedric and, according to his chest movements, started crying on Cedric's chest. 
I couldn't hear his sobbing nor how the headmaster and the other teachers approached us and tried to talk to us.
My hands over my ears blocked out every sound at that moment.
I saw how Dumbledore and Harry talked, how the faces from the students changed as Mr. Fudge was calling something, how Cho broke down and cried while her friends tried to console her and how Cedric's farther ran to his son, kneeled down beside him and cried. 
Dumbledore turned to me now. He put his hands on my arms and tried to pull them down but I didn't let him, I pressed my hands against my ears only more.
He talked to me with his friendly and wise but very worried face. I couldn't hear him.
Mr. Fudge said something to the crowd again and it made Dumbledore angry. Therefore he walked up to Mr. Fudge then and said something to the crowd too. 
The other teachers approached us worriedly and pitiful. Only Snape looked as always. There was worry in his eyes too, of course, but he behaved as usual. 
He didn't made any grimaces nor he chatted with other teachers to express his feelings. He just stood there in his black robes and looked at me down.
As I watched him I felt easier and calmer. I forgot everything around me and just looked at him, at my bastion of calm.
"Please, don't just stand there and look at me. Do something." I thought.
Surprisingly he did walked up to me. He helped me to get on my feet. He was about to tore apart from me but I held his arm and stopped him, releasing my ears and let the noise hit my eardrums.
The sound from earlier disappeared. There was a tensed and suppressed atmosphere.
But I didn't care about that. I just cared for Snape at that moment.
We looked at each other and sensed how the other one felt. 
He felt anxious and scared but somehow relieved. And me? I was ... just empty.
"How do you feel, my dear?" Professor McGonagall interrupted us. I looked unwillingly from Snape to her. She was very worried and aghast. This irritated me and made me feel uncomfortable therefore I looked back at Snape who was looking calm and normal. 
"Come, dear." Madame Pomfrey hurried to me suddenly and parted me from Snape.
"No!" I whispered appalled. "No!" I shouted.
Snape too was uncomfortable with leaving me but he didn't do anything about that.
This made me somehow angry. If I and he wanted the same, why couldn't he do something about that? After all, he was a professor! I was just his student!
I was that angry and that much controlled by my emotions that I didn't know what I was doing. 
I just struggled for release and started running towards the school castle.
A few spells were shot at me but they missed me because I dodged them perfectly.
As I entered the castle, I saw Moody dragging Harry into his office. 
Remembering how he kicked Royalty earlier and how he accused me for jinxing him to get in the maze, more anger rose inside me.
I started running towards his office and banged the door open.
"You little scrote!" I shouted. Harry startled up in his chair and Moody stopped searching something.
I walked up at him and pointed my wand at him.
"How dare you telling them that I jinxed you to get in the maze?! Moreover, how dare you to kick Royalty?!" 
He shivered lightly and he was much more tensed than usually. 
He swung his wand in the air and the door closed behind me. I turned around by that sudden noise and there Moody grabbed me, pushed me into the nearest chair and conjured ropes around me.
I screamed in anger. 
"How on earth was I that stupid to turn around when the door closed?!" I cursed myself.
"Professor?" Harry asked in disbelieve.
"Post traumatic trauma which causes hallucination, pure anger and violent behavior." Moody explained to him. 
"You-!" I struggled in the ropes again.
"You dare to lie again?!" I shouted in great fury!
But Moody continued searching and asking Harry as if I wasn't there: "Were there others? In the graveyard, were there others?" 
I went quite but anger was still boiling in side me.
Harry looked at him in deep thoughts.
"Um. I don't think I said anything about a graveyard Professor." Harry said then. I looked attentive at Harry and then at Moody. Trying again to release myself.
"Marvelous creatures dragons aren't they?" Moody started suddenly.
"Do you think that miserable oaf would have led you into the woods if I hadn't suggested it?" Harry's eyes and mine widened and I stopped struggling.
"Do you think Cedric Diggory would have told you to hold the egg under the water if I hadn't have told him first myself?" Our eyes widened more.
"Do you think Neville Longbottom the witless wonder could have provided you with gilliweed if I hadn't have given him the book that led you straight to it? Huh??" My mouth sprang open but Harry remained at his big eyes.
"It was you from the beginning. You put my name in the goblet of fire. You bewitched Krum. But..." Harry put one and one together.
Mad-Eye laughed evilly.
"You won because I made it so Potter. You ended up in that graveyard tonight because it was meant to be so. 
And now the deed is done." 
He walked up to Harry and continued: 
"The blood that runs through these veins runs within the dark lord." He took his wand out and pointed at Harry,
"Imagine how he will reward me when he learns that I have once and for all silenced the great Harry Potter and the great Lady."
"No!" I screamed and suddenly the ropes burst into flames and turned into ashes. I was free again.
I stormed up to a surprised Moody and knocked him down on the ground. His wand flew away and he struggled to get me off him.
We fought on the ground. I slapped him and he tried to free himself from me. But I didn't settle for less. However, he managed to stand up and I jumped on his back and put my arm around his throat. He gasped for breath and tossed himself towards walls and cupboards only to get me down but I didn't released him although I got hurt.
Suddenly I heard the door flew open and then I felt how Moody slumped down on his knees and I was with him crashing to the ground. 
Moody landed on my arm with his full weight. I moaned. 
Moody was hived up a little and someone pulled me out. It was Snape. Only then I noticed that Dumbledore, Professor McGonagal and Snape entered the office. I looked at Snape confused but with great pain. My arm was hurting and I hoped it didn't break.
He placed me beside McGonagal and turned around to help the headmaster placing the unconscious Moody on a chair.
"Severus..." the headmaster said and Snape appeared with a potion which he poured down into Moody's mouth.
Right then Moody... transformed?!
His hair changed, his skin smoothed, his artificial eye tore apart to reveal a healthy eye, he got thinner and leaner... he completely changed! And it was disgusting to watch him transform. I tasted something bitter in my mouth but I couldn't turn away from him. It was like a huge accident, you can't ignore it but yet you don't want to look at something else.
"You?" I said appalled.
Everyone turned to me.
"You killed Mr. Crouch!" 
The man in front me laughed madly. 
"Despite that I saw your true face all the time I couldn't do anything about it." I said reproachful.
He laughed again.
"Barty Crouch Junior." Dumbledore said in disbelieve.
Crouch hissed at him in disgust.
"Do you know who I am?" Dumbledore asked suddenly. 
It seemed a very odd question to me. I don't know why but... it was obvious! Moreover, why was he asking this?
"Albus Dumbledore." He said venously.
"Are you Alastor Moody?" I looked at the man in front of me very closely. He definitely wasn't Moody!
"No." He confirmed my observation.
I furrowed my brows. "Who's and where's the mysterious Moody?" I thought.
"Is he in this room?" Dumbledore asked.
Instead of an answer the man in the chair looked at Harry.
"What?!" I asked shocked. 
"Harry? And Moody?!" I looked at Harry and he looked like a little boy who got lost in a huge shopping centre.
"Harry get away from there!" Dumbledore said and pushed him aside. He stopped in front of a huge and strange looking trunk. 
"He can't be in there. The trunk is too little for a wizard!" I thought confused.
Dumbledore opened the trunk. Small part trunks opened and the size of them got smaller too. I doubted that there would be anything at all. 
At the last and smallest part trunk everything stopped. 
The headmaster approached it and called:
"Are you alright Alastor?"
"I'm sorry Albus." A voice called up. I walked up in surprise and wanted to see what caused that voice.
My eyes went wide. There was a pit in the trunk and down there was a naked man who covered his eye with his hand.
"We'll get you up in a minute." Dumbledore called down.
"That's Moody, but then who's...?" I couldn't hear Harry clearly because everything around me changed suddenly.

It was dark and I was in a garden.
"Wormtail! Don't ruin everything!" I heard someone saying.
"B-but what if he... he catches us? We will be send to Azkaban! He caught every death eater who crossed his way!" Wormtail said in fear. 
Two shadows came out of nowhere. One was a little shorter and plumper than the other. 
"I've been in Azkaban before and I won't go in there again! Only if my lord orders me. Only then!" 
"Who's there?!" Someone barked and lights burn up and revealed a moderate house in front of me.
The two shadows were revealed now too! It were Wormtail, obviously, and that man who pretended to be Moody.
They both tried to hide somewhere but they couldn't because Mad-Eye Moody stormed out of his house and started shooting spells at them. 
A few came in my direction and I dodged them. 
"Crucio!" Crouch Jr. said and Moody started screaming and winding on the ground. 
It was horrible, watching someone to be tortured. I started running towards them and pointed my wand at Crouch Jr. but suddenly the vision dissolved and I was back in the Defense against the Dark Arts office. 

I was sitting on the ground and the four of them stood around me in a circle and looked worriedly at me down. 
"Galaxy! What happened?" Harry asked then.
"You tell me." I said back and stood up.
"You fainted my dear." Professor McGonagal said and helped me to get up. I looked at her in disbelieve. 
"I fainted?" I asked and looked at Snape, just as a reflex. He eyed me suspiciously.
"You did. Did you feel something different?" The headmaster asked me. Somehow I believed that his jokey question was a serious question, according to the atmosphere right then.
I shook my head. "No. It's just-"
"-a little to much. Very understandably." He continued for me. That made me riled. He showed me weak and vulnerable in front of the few people. And surely I was not weak and vulnerable!
I looked away and faced that man in the chair.
"You and Wormtail deflated Moody in his home?" He looked at me madly and didn't answer.
"Answer!" Dumbledore said in a low and dangerous tune.
"Yes. Wormtail and me prepared the poly juice potion. 
Wormtail went back to my Lord after we attacked Mad-Eye at his home and we took his hair and added it to the potion. 
I changed into Moody, took his clothes and captured him in his own trunk to acquire his habits and take more hair from him for the future poly juice potions."
Dumbledore took the little bottle from Moody's coat and gave it Snape. He sniffed on it and said unmistakably: "Poly juice potion."
"Now we know who's been stealing it from your store, Severus." Snape gave Harry a sidle glance.
"You died. How comes you're alive?" Dumbledore asked further.
"My mother was dying and her last wish was, me being released out of Azkaban. 
She convinced her husband to free me. 
She adapted my appearance by polyjuice potion and I her's. 
Mother and her husband visited me and there we fooled the dementors. 
She died there. 
After I was out of Azkaban my mothers husband kept me like a dirty piece of trash! Hid me, kept me a secret, went out with me only with an invisibility charm.
Moreover he kept me away from my master, physically and by strong spells and charms. But everyday I resisted more and more of those charms and then at the Quidditch World Cup I was totally free. 
I returned to my master by calling him and conjuring the dark mark." He laughed evilly. I looked at him in shock. 
"What kind of ... thing was he?!"
"How did you become Moody?" Dumbledore asked.
"Bertha Johnkins was incidentally where the master, Wormtail and I stayed. 
My Lord tortured her to get the informations. 
She told that Moody was going to teach at Hogwarts and there will be the Triwizard Tournament and my mothers husband was there too. 
My master made a plan, he just needed a faithful servant... and that I am!"
He looked madly around and grinned.
"I am." He whispered. 
Suddenly he looked at Harry's tear opened sleeve. He grinned more until he laughed. 
He started approaching him but Snape and Dumbledore held him back. Professor McGonagal and me placed us between Harry and Barty Crouch Jr. 
He couldn't get Harry's arm therefore he grabbed mine injured arm. I tried to release my arm from his disgusting grip but I couldn't free myself. Snape had to toss his filthy fingers away. And Snape did that very angry!
"I'll show you mine if you show me yours." He said and revealed his left forearm.
There was a tattoo of a black snake which was coming out a skull, it was winding dangerously.
I looked at my blood covered arm and feared to show someone that freaky blood. That would proof that I was not normal.
"Your arm, Harry, Galaxy." Dumbledore took Harry's arm carefully and examined. Then he took mine and I allowed him to do that unwillingly.
The headmaster looked very shattered and shocked.
"Was it because I'm a freak?" I thought very guilty. 
"You know what this means don't you? He's back. Lord Voldemort has returned." Barty said and looked at Dumbledore and then at Snape. 
My heart gave a jerk. 
"Why is he looking at Snape?" I thought anxiously.
"Send an owl to Azkaban, think they'll find their missing prisoner." Dumbledore spoke finally.
Everyone stared at that insane man and it seemed that the matter was settled... but not for me!
"Why were you that keen about me? Your aim was Harry, not me! Then why-"
"My master... he will come and get you." He said and laughed again. 
I blinked confused at him.
"What do you mean?!" I asked.
But Barty whispered to him:" He will come! He has returned. I will be a hero!" 
"What do you mean!" I shouted and lunged to him down.
I grabbed around the arm supporters of that chair for stabilization. 
Unfortunately, there was on one Barty's left bare forearm with that tattoo and I touched that tattoo in my rage.

I was glued to that tattoo with my hand and I couldn't release me from it. Everything changed black again and I heard screams which were actually laughs of pleasure. To that sound an ophidian whisper mixed and it got louder.
A figure floated towards me, closer and closer.
I tried to stand up and run away but I couldn't. 
I was made to lay on the ground and watch that figure approaching me.
That figure was Voldemort and his Snake was slithering from behind, following him allegiant. 
Voldemort reached out his hand towards me, offering his help to get me on my feet again. I looked at his hand and glared at him, refusing his help.
He straightened himself and looked scandalized by me refusal. Of course he acted like that. 
He turned around to his snake and spoke.
"You saw that? She refuses me! Lord Voldemort!" He looked back at me. Something wicked lay in his eyes.
"We need to teach her how to behave in front of me." He said low. I shivered in fear. Something bad will happen any moment. I prepared myself mentally. My muscled tensed, my heart was drumming against my chest and my breath quickened.
"Nagini... torture!" 
The snake slithered towards me. I tried to back away but I couldn't... I was glued to the ground!
The snake was already near my leg when I realized that this snake must be the same from that house in my dreams!
With that in my mind, the snake opened her mouth and jumped on me.
I screamed.
The snake bit me in my shoulder. Its teeth was stabbing through my flesh and I felt something cold floating in my shoulder... her venom. 
I screamed more and tried to push her away but I couldn't move.
After incredibly much time and non-stop screaming the snake pulled her teeth slowly out of my body and slithered back to Voldemort.
I gasped and felt nothing in my shoulder... the venom made it numb.
I panicked. 
"What if I couldn't move my shoulder anymore?" I thought.
"Now you have some manners." He patted his snake and walked up to me again. His snake was still following him. I eyed her attentive and very fearful.
Voldemort stopped and stared at me.
"Come to me and Nagini won't hurt you anymore. I won't hurt you anymore!" He said. I kept on looking at the snake and said nothing. Its thirsty eyes were staring at me and I felt that snake was enjoying that all.
"Haven't you heard wh-" he said agitated but my whisper interrupted him: "No."
He looked at me and rose his wand.
"Crucio!" He shouted.
I remembered that spell too well. It was the same as last time but much worst.
I screamed while my motionless body struggled to wind itself... but it couldn't. 
"You unmannered girl!" He shouted and stopped. 
I breathed unsteady but much easier than before. I believed to faint.
"Join me or you will die." 
I stared at the ceiling above me and didn't answer. 
"Answer me!" He shouted but I remained quiet.
He grunted.
Suddenly a great headache started and my past memories flickered like a film past my eyes. 
"Guard-" I thought but I was blocked to think that. Instead I relived a painful memory.
I was 8 and played with my pony. Right beside me my sister Sonja was playing with her doll. She was pulling on her hair while she was spinning around with her.
"You will break your doll." I said to her but she didn't stop. 
Suddenly something hard hit me near my eyes. It hurt and blood was streaming out.
My sister looked at her hand and started crying, her doll just broke apart and one part obviously hit me.
My mom ran in. Sonja was pointing at me and started more crying.
Mom looked at me and was shocked. 
After staring at me her facial expression hardened and she shouted while taking my sister in her arms:
"How can you scare her?! Don't you see you made her cry by your artificial film blood?! How do you get that at all?! One of your friends gave it to you! Give it to me. Where are you hiding it?!" She stormed up at me searched me but couldn't find anything. Then she stormed to my play box with all my toys. She tossed them out and searched madly for that film blood which didn't exist. 
I just stared at her in silence not knowing what was happening nor what I should do.
"You used all of it!" Mom stated finally. She came back and took Sonja in her arms again. 
"Go clean your face and tidy up all this mess." She pointed at the toys which she threw out and at Sonja's toys. 
"Ma-" I said helpless.
"You won't eat dinner tonight!" She said and went with a quiet Sonja out of the room. 
I just sat there and didn't know what happened. 
I started crying but soon I stopped because that cut near my eye was hurting when I cried. 
Suddenly a new surrounding was around me. I was in Diagon Alley with Remus. We were eating ice cream and he was looking at me very lovable.
Suddenly it dissolved and I was facing Snape. I was on the ladder of his store room and he was very close to me, leaning against the ladder with his hands. 
We were inches away and about to kiss. Suddenly Snape's face changed and Voldemort was staring at me. I startled up and tried to release myself but I couldn't, I was glued to the ladder. 
Voldemort came closer and stopped right before my lips. His ugly rotten breath hit my skin and I wanted to vomit. 
"Come to me and I won't hurt your loved ones." He said and I couldn't hold it back anymore. 
My mouth tasted bitterly and some liquid was pushing from my gastric up to my gullet. I vomited right on Voldemort in Snape's robes.
He looked disgusted at me and then at my vomit. 
Snape's store room dissolved and I was back in the dark room. Voldemort was bending over me. 
He had my vomit on his robes and turned around. 
"I will kill you!" He said venously.
I started laughing. He turned back to me and looked furious!
I didn't know why I was laughing... I just laughed. 
"You can't kill me." I said. 
Voldemort looked more dangerous. He rose his wand and shouted: "Avadra Kedavra!"
I felt a cold feeling inside me which reached every body part. 
My laughing stopped and I barely made out Voldemort. 
At some point I couldn't see him anymore and I felt weak and tired. 
I lost my conscious.

This chapter contains extracts from the script of the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, taken from

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