Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


66. Fire is given birth to

Slowly I started sensing me and my surrounding. 
I couldn't move my right arm nor my right shoulder. They were bandaged very stiffly. Even if I tried to move them, a great wave of pain erupted and occupied my whole upper body. 
I moaned. 
As the pain faded away I felt that I was in a cozy and comfortable bed. 
It smelled of medicine and fresh laundry. 
"The hospital wing!" I thought. 
I tore my eyes open and was blinded by the day light. I blinked a few times to adjust my eyes and then I looked around to confirm my intuition. 
I was right. I was in the hospital wing and I was the only one there. The other beds were empty! 
I tried to remember what happened and why I was there at all! 
Suddenly images of the graveyard and Cedric's death body appeared. 
Then Moody who changed into Barty Crouch Jr..
Harry's and mine blood strained arms.
That tattoo of a scull with a tongue of a winding snake. 
And… I started to shiver.
Voldemort… killing me. 
My body started to shiver more.
"Am I dead?" I asked me. 
"I can't. All the sentiency felt that real and intense, that it can't be the afterlife." I thought.
"But on the other hand, have I ever experienced death before?" I gulped.
"Yes. In the lake." I shuddered at the thought. 
But it surely felt different this time… if this was the afterlife. 
I sighed. 
If, if, if!
Suddenly I grabbed my throat.
I was thirsty and looked around. But there wasn't water on my bedside table. 
Only lots of letters, cards, chocolates and sweets. 
And there were flowers. 
There was one rose on top of the letters and then there were black orchids in a vase. 
I reached out for an orchid because I had never seen black orchids before. They were breathtaking! 
I turned that flower in my hands and touched it gently all over with my fingers. 
Then I smelled it. I startled up. 
There was something about it that smelled of Snape. 
"Snape? Did he bring me that orchids?" My stomach twitched in excitement and I started blushing. 
Soon my thirst started to increase and Snape's orchid couldn't hold me anymore. 
"I must drink water!" I thought.
Carefully, I climbed out of my bed and started walking towards the double winged door to ask for water. 
"What do you believe you are doing?" A very stern hiss made me to stop. 
I knew that voice to well. 
I gulped nervously and my stomach twitched only more in excitement. 
"Going to drink water… Professor Snape." I whispered. 
A few steps appeared from my back and Snape stopped right in front of me. 
I looked on the ground and avoided his gaze. 
"He was all the time there! All the time! Even when I smelled his orchids and blushed stupidly!" I thought embarrassed.
Right then, as it wasn't enough embarrassment done yet, I felt my body weakening and my legs shaking. I was falling down on the ground because my body was still to weak. 
Snape caught me in the last minute and supported me.
"Going to drink water in such a condition?!" Snape said angrily and yet worriedly. 
His breath hit my neck and goosebumps formed all over my body. 
I tried to walk back to my bed but I couldn't. My legs wouldn't listen to me. 
I looked down at the ground embarrassed. 
Suddenly Snape heaved me up and carried me back to my bed. 
I felt his chest against my back and my whole left body side.
I felt his strong arms under my knees and my back. I felt his hand gripping a part of my right thigh and the other one right over my rips, touching my right breast incidentally. 
A great shiver of pleasure erupted inside me and made my heart beat and my breathing faster. 
I blushed very hard and hoped he wouldn't see me in such a state, so vulnerable and being at the mercy of my emotions. 
But he noticed that for sure. He always notices everything. 
He placed me carefully in my bed and then jinxed a glass of water for me. 
He held it in front of me and I took it very shy. 
Although I was thirsty every swig got stuck in my throat. I felt that uncomfortable. 
I was still thirsty after I finished with my water but I didn't dare to ask for more. 
I passed the glass back to Snape and he immediately filled it with water again and gave it back to me. 
I blushed only more. 
"Can he read my mind or how did he know that I was still thirsty?" I asked me in my head. 
I took the glass from his hand and drunk the water still tensed. 
After I finished Snape placed the glass on my beside table and walked back to the chair where he was sitting. 
"Professor?" I whispered and made him stop in his tracks. 
I gulped nervously before asking:
"What happened?" 
At first there was silence but then he spoke: "You fainted and you were taken to the hospital wing." 
I was disappointed. I wanted to hear more! 
"Well, Galaxy, you know him. You have to worm everything out of him." I thought grumpily.
"What happened to Crouch Jr. ?"
Snape looked at me first and then turned around, to his chair, not saying a word to me.
I stared at him in disbelieve. 
Was he really messing with me? Me? In such a condition?
Anger rose inside me and caused me to leave my bed. 
But as I hit the ground, because my body was too weak, that anger vanished and was replaced by pain. 
I moaned. 
Snape stood up from his chair with a sigh and walked up to me to carry me back to my bed. 
He was about to go back to his chair but I grabbed his collar by my uninjured arm and stopped him. 
He was surprised and didn't expected that from me.
That made me feel satisfied.
His face was floating just over mine and I was able to watch him more closely. 
He was tired, very tired. He had a few sleepless nights because huge eye circles were under his eyes. He was tensed and very strained. That all made him more older than he was and his slight wrinkles formed more deeper and bigger. 
"You're tensed and you didn't sleep well." I whispered. 
He stared at me and didn't answer me at first. 
"When the headmaster orders me to look after you and you didn't wake up for 8 days from your beauty sleep, I can only be tired." He retorted.
I gasped. Snape looked down on my mouth and swallowed. 
"8 days?!" I asked stunned. 
Snape looked back into my eyes. 
"Your ears just woke up from their beauty sleep, I believe." He said.
"Don't be rude to the injured." I whispered. 
He just stared at me and didn't say anything in return.
"Is the school term over?" 
"Since 8 days." He stressed that sentence quite much. 
I smiled slightly. 
Snape looked at my lips again.
"Does my parents-"
"The headmaster informed them."
We looked at each other only.
"How am I supposed to get back?"
"Someone will accompany you." 
We looked at each other again. 
I got lost in his eyes and I lost the focus on my questions. 
I looked at my hand on his collar and remembered my questions again.
"What happened to Crouch Jr. ?" I tried again.
At that Snape shifted uncomfortably and wanted to walk away from me but I still had my hand on his collar and tightened it. 
He looked down at my arm as he was pulled back by me. Now we were more closer to each other than before.
He supported him now with his arms on each side beside me, on the bed. 
I felt his presence everywhere on my body now.
"What happened to him?" I asked again.
He looked very long at me but finally he said in a low voice:
"He was killed before Fudge appeared with his dementors to have perform them the kiss on him."
"What?!" I said loudly. I nearly let go of his collar as I tried to sit up in my bed. 
I couldn't anyways because Snape pressed me firmly down, back on my pillow. 
His hands remained on my upper arms, one on the bandage and one on the arm which held his collar. Secretly I believed that he put his hand on the last arm because he wanted to pull my hand back and then release himself from my grip but he didn't.
"How could he die?" I asked him with great curiosity. 
"He was killed by someone." Snape said only.
"But how? How is that possible? Right under Dumbledore's nose?!" I asked bewildered. 
"I had so much questions! I wanted to know so much from him! And now he was dead!" I thought in panic. 
Snape tightened his grip on my healed arm and brought me back. 
"How?" I asked again. 
He just looked at me and I felt that he was hiding something from me. 
I felt deceived by him and released his collar in disappointment. 
Snape looked at my hand in wonder and thought why I let go of his grip.
Then he thought for a moment whether to go back to his chair or not. 
In the end he didn't, he just stayed on me.
"Cedric?" I whispered.
"His body was sent back with his father. There was a funeral ceremony here at Hogwarts." He said.
"What did Dumbledore said on the funeral?" I asked. I was sure that the headmaster held a speech on that tragic occasion. 
Moreover, Dumbledore's words are always unique and quite special. 
I really missed the opportunity to listen to his words.
Snape looked at me for a second and started re-telling the entire speech of Dumbledore: 
"Today we acknowledge a really terrible loss. 
Cedric Diggory was as you all know, exceptionally hard working, intricately fair minded. And most importantly a fierce fierce friend. 
I think therefore you have the right to know exactly how he died. 
You see, Cedric Diggory was murdered by Lord Voldemort. 
The ministry of magic does not wish me to tell you this. 
But not to do so I think would be an insult to his memory. 
Now the pain we all feel at this dreadful loss reminds me, reminds us that while we may come from different places and speak in different tongues, our hearts beat as one. 
In light of recent events the bonds of friendship we made this year will be more important than ever.
Remember that and Cedric Diggory will not have died in vain, you remember that. And we'll celebrate a boy who was kind and honest and brave and true right to the very end."
Through out the speech tears started forming in my eyes and rolled down on my pillow. 
I cried. 
My question of how he remembered the whole speech faded away by such huge emotions in side me.
"He was such a nice boy! His death wasn't right!" I said while I cried.
"Did you… like him?" Snape asked me suddenly and stopped me from crying. 
I whipped the tears away and looked at him in wonder. 
After Snape still stared at me with great expectation, I thought about his question.
"Was he asking me if I loved him? But why?" 
"I don't like him as Cho does. He was an honest and very friendly person. You can only like him." I said and watched Snape very closely. 
Not a single muscle moved in his face. He blankly stared at me.
"You like friendly guys who are stupid like broomsticks?" Snape asked strangely. 
I furrowed my brows but then I started laughing.
"Why are you asking, anyway?" I said after I stopped laughing.
Snape looked at me for a second and gulped. 
I felt that he would run away from that question and from me. Therefore I grabbed his collar back. 
Just in the right moment. 
He really tried to tear apart and go back to his chair.
I pulled him back and this time more forcefully that he fell uncontrolled on me. 
Our bodies collided and our cheeks and noses crashed into each other. We tore apart very little. Nevertheless, our cheeks and noses were only an inch away.
I gulped nervously and blushed hard while I grabbed his collar even more tighter in my hand. 
Snape didn't back away. He just supported himself by his arms on my bed and looked into my eyes. 
"I trust you." I said suddenly, barely audible. 
Snape's eyes went a little wide and I continued:
"I confide in you." 
He opened his mouth slightly to taste me and looked down on my lips. 
Our breathing increased and we felt and tasted each other intensely. 
"I believe in you." I said finally. 
His eyes melted with the skin surrounding them.
I only felt him and smelled him. 
He was tantalizing, he was … a drug. 
Everything of him addled me and my mind. 
I was lost. 
I was all his.
I knew that Snape had a great self-control and I knew mine was in comparison to his a little atomic of oxygen. 
Therefore I let the fire inside of me control me and lead me.
I was about to kiss him but then I remembered I didn't know how to kiss. 
I was afraid that if I tried to kiss him, it would be a horrible kiss and he would never talk to me again. 
Therefore, I placed my hand on his cheek instead and observed him as long as I wanted.
He flinched a little as I touched him and he was very tensed. 
Moreover, he looked surprised. He was shocked! 
"I trust you and I confide in you." I said again and looked straight into his eyes. 
"I'm not scared of the future because I know I can trust you." I said truly. 
Slowly he recovered from the shock and thought about my words and my hand on his cheek. 
His eyes turned softer but yet he was still tensed. 
There was something that stopped him from being comfortable right then. 
I didn't know what. But I wanted to know. I wanted to help him to get comfortable with me.
Suddenly his expressions changed. They hardened. And then he behaved as usual. Arrogant, stern, unreadable and cold-hearted. He changed back to the normal Snape.
And… he tore apart. 
Like he did back in the store room. 
He turned his back towards me and left me there. Alone, on my bed, with all the emotions he caused.
I gulped. 
I was hurt. It hurt me. He hurt me. I was hurt.
I felt stupid. Bad. Heartbroken. Beaten up. Embarrassed.
My eyes started to moist and I tried to hold it back. Crying would turn everything only worst. 
But I couldn't control it. 
Salty water drops escaped my eyes. 
I put my face in my hands and closed my eyes.
Hoping that would erase that moment in my and his life. 
But it couldn't be erased. It was too intense and such a powerful emotion. 
I couldn't erase that moment from my life. 
The door of the hospital wing opened suddenly and Madame Pomfrey walked in. 
I dried my face quickly and looked up at her. 
I was relieved to see her. She interrupted our uncomfortable situation back then. 
And she made me to think of something else at least for a very short time.
"Ms. Charmé! You're awake!" She exclaimed. 
"Severus! You should have called me." She said offended. Snape had still his back turned towards me.
"I'm will inform Albus." She said and was about to turn around as Snape stepped forward and said: "I will go." 
He stormed out the hospital wing with his robes flying behind him. 
I was hurt and disappointed. But he did the right thing. We couldn't stay like this... he was my teacher... and I was unfortunately his student.
But it hurt. The truth hurt so much! 
"Here dear, eat this." Madame Pomfrey said and pushed me a plate of vegetables in my hands and disappeared.
I obeyed and ate them absently and tasted nothing.
Shortly after, Dumbledore and Snape entered the hospital wing. 
I looked at Snape with hope but he just looked away. 
"How do you feel, Ms. Charmé?"
I looked from Snape at Dumbledore. 
"Alright." I lied.
"Can you remember what happened last?" He asked straight. 
I guided my thoughts from my hurtful near-past-thoughts to my other painful memory. Voldemort.
I nodded briefly and looked at Snape. 
"Come to me and I won't hurt your loved ones." I remembered Voldemort's words.
"Tell us about it." The headmaster said and I looked at him in disbelieve. Even Snape gave him a side glance. 
"No." I said. I couldn't talk about it! I couldn't! 
"Talking helps us to get over a few things." 
I shook my head. 
"Oh, It does, dear! Try it!" 
Finally, I tried to remember what happened and I allowed the feelings to come back.
"I'm in a dark room. I'm lying on the floor of black marble. I'm stuck to it. I can't move myself." Then I made a pause. 
"What happened then?" Dumbledore asked. 
"I can't…" I said as my body started to shiver. 
"Take your time." Dumbledore said and pressured me more. 
I gulped and thought about what I didn't want to think about.
"V-Voldemort arrived with his snake slithering behind him." I made a pause and relaxed a little. 
I was relieved that I managed to say that.
I continued.
"He… offered me his hand to help me up. I refused." I gulped.
"Th-then-" My body started to shiver again. 
"The-then-" Tears started forming in my eyes. Snape walked up to me now but stopped at the end of the bed abruptly.
"Gather all your strength and say it." Dumbledore demanded. 
I was scared. I didn't want to say that.
"Then-th-then … Nagini … bit me." I said. Pain rose in my shoulder as I remembered her teeth in my flesh. 
I let out a whimper of pain. 
After I was settled again, Dumbledore asked further: "What happened then."
Snape threw him a deathly stare but the headmaster ignored it.
"He offered me to join him. I refused again." Suddenly it was very easy to talk about it. 
Dumbledore was right, talking does help for real.
"Then?" The headmaster asked.
My painful memory and my two most beautiful memories mixed. 
I looked at Snape. He was suppressing his anger. I could see that.
I sighed. 
"He-" My voice broke suddenly and all my strength vanished away. 
"Albus, stop it." Snape growled.
"No, not now, Severus. She's almost through with it." 
My body started to shiver again and I just opened my mouth and said everything out that was inside me.
"H-he was in my head an-and made me remember painful memories and the most beautiful in my life." I said and heard Snape hissing.
"T-then-" I looked through my tears at Snape's blurred image.
"… he threatened to hurt my family and friends." I said and started to cry desperately. 
"And the last bit?" Dumbledore asked quietly. 
"Albus!" Snape said in the same sound and much more dangerously. 
Right then I was done with everything. I felt empty and I re-lived the most fearful moments in my life. That last sentence which I said was just a tired, meaningless sentence that I wanted to say as quickly as possible to be finished and then to be alone with my thoughts.
"He killed me."
Both men were surprised but Snape was more than surprised. 
He seemed to be at the end of his strength and about to faint. 
But I didn't do anything for him though. I just stared at him emptily with my swollen eyes. 
"You will feel better, Galaxy." Dumbledore said only. Then he looked at Snape. But shortly after, he turned back at me and stared at me in silence. 
After a while, he spoke wisely:
"Dark times lie ahead. Just remember you have friends and family… and someone who loves you." I looked at him supinely. 
"That makes me vulnerable." I said and remembered that panic and pain as I realized that anyone near me could get hurt too.
I looked at Snape. His facial expression were still pain and desperate. My last sentence hit him very hard, I believe.
"Love is a precious thing. It can only make you stronger." I looked back at Dumbledore. I didn't get what he said.
"We should pity those who never experienced love." Dumbledore made a pause.
"The school ended one week ago. Since The revealing of the true Moody you were in a coma.
Unfortunately, you can't go back home by train anymore. Therefore, you will be brought home by a staff member." Dumbledore said and brought us all back to the present.
Dumbledore walked up to Snape and spoke to him quietly. That quiet that I didn't understand anything. 
It seemed to help Snape because he looked much better than before. He even had his arrogant facial expression back. 
"Take a little more rest before you leave. You will need that." Dumbledore said before he left.
Snape was still there. He didn't left… yet. 
That hope from earlier rose again and a little warm feeling pushed somewhere from my body in my chest.
He looked at me ... quite expectantly.
I rose a brow as a reflex and regretted my harsh: "What?"
He swallowed and said: "We are leaving after dinner." 
He turned around and walked out the hospital wing. 
I looked after him in disbelieve.
"He's bringing me home?" 
An excitement rose inside me and a half-smile appeared on my mouth.


I sneaked one last time in this school year into the Forbidden Forrest. I called my guardian and said that I wanted to see her. 
I was already quite deep in the forrest when I saw her. 
She bowed down and said: "Good afternoon, My Lady. Do you feel better?" 
"Good afternoon. Yes, I do" I said curtly.
"I need you to do something." I said straight forward. She listened intensely.
"Proclaim to the world that the Lady has risen."
My guardian looked at me for a second but then bowed down.
"As you wish." 
"And make sure, no one is able to find me not even by post when I'm going back to my family. I don't want the Muggles know that. Only you and those who Dumbledore trusts.
When I'm back, here at Hogwarts, everyone can write me and talk to me if needed." I said.
"As you wish." She said. We stood there for a while.
"I called for you… when… he attacked me." I said finally. 
"I…I didn't heard you calling." She said confused and guilty.
"Voldemort tortured me." My voice broke away.
"I am sorry, My Lady. Please punish me." 
Then, the very first time, I understood what people mean by feeling nothing at an apology. 
I gathered myself quickly and nodded.
"Farewell. See you in a while." I said and turned around before she could answer back. 
I sneaked out of the forrest and decided to visit Royalty before I leave. 
Madame Pomfrey told me that Dumbledore and she would take care of him. He was too big by now to don't catch attention in the Muggle world. Moreover, he was still ill. 
My healing wasn't that successful. 


"Hi." I whispered. 
Royalty looked up from my bed which was his for the next months. 
"Hi." He said sadly.
"How are you feeling?" 
"Amazing but no one's believing me." He said.
I smiled. 
"In the next weeks you will be able to play around again." He grunted in response.
Right then I started some serious talking with him.
"Ro, you know I can't take you with me." I said with great effort. He nodded only. 
"How?" I asked shocked. No one told me! How did he know then?
"Dumbledore. Right after the second task." He said sadly.
"And you didn't tell a word to me?!" He gulped. He was too crestfallen to start a fight with me.
I placed my hand in his fur and brushed through it. Especially, his mane, which already started growing.
Then I noticed how big he was! He already covered the whole bed, his tail was hanging down to the floor.
I took his huge and heavy paw and put it on my hand. 
Only my fingertips were reaching over his paw. 
"You're already big, my dear." 
"Don't." He said sadly.
"I know... I don't want to grow up either." Suddenly I remembered what Dumbledore said, why I should come with him. 
"You will end a very cruel war."
And then I remembered Voldemort. I gulped.
"You know what. I ordered my guardian to proclaim me." He looked at me wide eyed.
"So, it's getting serious, then." He said slowly. I squeezed his paw.
"Yes, it is."
We looked at different spots until I spoke.
"I need you to trust me. All the time. Forever."
"I will." He said. He was confused by my words.
"Even then when I am doing something wrong in your opinion." He said nothing at first but then he said: "I will."
I gulped. 
"And while you're here... discover as much as you can and try to find out more about this building... and what's happening around here." I thought to him and faced him. He nodded only.
I sighed and I knew that the time has come to say good-bye. 
"I have to go." I whispered and stood up. 
He wanted to stand up too but I stopped him with a hug.
"Don't say bye." He said and I smiled.
"Will miss you." I said and listened to his request.
"I will miss you more." I smiled sadly. My eyes started to moist but I held them back. I needed to be strong in front of my baby!
We tore apart reluctantly and looked at each other.
Suddenly I ran out of the dorm room. I couldn't hold back my tears any longer. 

I ran down and stopped in front of the great hall. 
My hands dried my tears quickly and I started to enter the hall. 
It looked as always only the large tables, where usually all the pupils sit, were empty.
Dinner was just served and I walked up to the staff table. I stopped in front of Snape.
"Can we go now?" I whispered ashamed. I remembered what happened in the hospital wing and was still embarrassed. 
He looked at me and filled more beans and purée on it. I glared at him.
"Come sit and join us, Ms. Charmé!" Dumbledore said.
"No, thank you. I better don't eat before apparating!" A few giggles were heard. 
"Very wise! Then just take a seat." He said after laughing. I smiled forced. 
I felt very uncomfortable. I was surrounded by teachers only! By older people who doesn't understand me! 
I was just about to take my seat when Snape jumped up.
"No need to get comfortable, Ms. Charmé. We are leaving now!" He said arrogantly while walking towards the exit of the great hall.
I felt like he was kidding. Just two minutes ago he filled more food on his plate when I asked him to leave and now when I was invited to join them he said that we were leaving?! 
I got up reluctantly and said in a forced manner to them all:
I heard responses from everyone.
"I will bring you to the double winged door." Dumbledore said and stood up.
"You really don't need to do that, Sir."
"But I want to." He simply said. I smiled at him and took his arm which he offered me.
As we climbed down the stairs I blurted out: "I made it proclaim that the lady has risen." 
He said nothing at first but then when we nearly reached the doors of the great hall he said: "I know." 
I looked at him and was about to ask how but he came further.
"I saw you sneaking into the forbidden forrest." We stopped in front of the doors.
I blushed and looked down at the ground. "I am sorry."
"You don't have to. You will sneak into the forrest quite often in the future, I believe." He chuckled. "Just make sure no one is following you or sees you and starts going in there too. And make sure you can deal with those creatures in there." He added.
I nodded and smiled at his smiling face. 
"Why does-" Snape was getting furious and walked up to us. He stopped when he saw me with the headmaster.
"And make sure don't get caught by some angry teachers." Dumbledore whispered to me while looking at a bad tempered Snape. I laughed and caught a more deathly stare from Snape.
"Bye, professor." I said finally.
"Farewell, Galaxy." There was something in Dumbledore's eyes which made me uncomfortable and a little scared. 
"Will be everything all right?" I asked me in wonder.
Suddenly Snape grabbed me by my arm and pulled me away from the headmaster. 
Though, there wasn't much room of thinking right then.
We walked out of Hogwarts grounds. To that part where apparating was possible. 
We both said nothing meanwhile.
My luggage was already at home and now I was coming.
Snape stopped suddenly and offered me his arm. An excitement rose inside me. I smiled lightly and grabbed his arm with both of my hands. The last time with Remus taught me that. 
"I know. I did that before." I whispered.
Snape hesitated for a second but then he started apparating. 
I imagined my home very hard and I noticed that it was quite difficult. I was forgetting it more and more. 

But in the end, we appeared in front of my house.
"Let go of my arm." Snape said harshly. 
I was a little struck by apparating, my head spun and my stomach felt strange, but that didn't matter to him. 
I let go of him annoyed and right then I heard a 'pop' beside me. I turned around in disbelieve. 
There was no one on the dark street beside me.
"He apparated without saying bye?!" 
I was still knocked down by the apparating and he just took the chance and left?!
He made me angry! And not only angry! He hurt me and depressed me, like always!
He made my anticipation of coming back home and seeing my mother and sister vanish away! 
Why can't he just make me happy and let me keep that happy emotions for awhile?!
I tried to calm me down and said to me that I will see my mom. That will make me happy. Definitely! 
I walked up to the doorway to my house and rang the door bell. 
Sonja opened the door. 
Her eyes widened and she screamed in happiness: "Galaxy!!" 
She buried me in a tight hug and mom was just coming from the kitchen. She too was excited to see me.
"Ma!" I tore apart from Sonja and ran to her.
"My child." She said emotional. 
My mom changed my mood for real. In just a second! 
Happiness was contagious. That I experienced then.
For the first time in all this time period I felt like I didn't had to worry about a thing... because my mother was there to handle all the things.
She was there to fight against the cruel people and the cruel monsters in the world. 
She will knock them down and show the whole world to don't mess around with her when it comes to her daughter. 
How beautiful it is when love plays tricks on your mind.
How beautiful it is when love covers reality with a cloak of dreams and false emotions.
How beautiful it is when love tells you lies by heartwarming love letters.
And how beautiful it is when reality hit on you like thunder on a tree… then… Fire is given birth to.

####### IMPORTANT#######
###read author's note after this chapter###

This chapter contains extracts from the script of the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, taken from

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