Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


19. Excited

"Galaxy? Galaxy, wake up! We will arrive soon." A smooth and friendly voice woke me up.

"Really?" I moaned. I streched me on the train bench but was surprised that it felt so different. I opened my eyes and saw that I was lying in the laps of Fred and George. I fell down to the ground in shock and was very embaressed and I felt my cheeks burn.

"I am so sorry!" I said ashamed but everyone just laughed.

"Fred do you see how red she is!" Everyone laughed again.

"And George did you see how she fell down in shock!" Everyone laughed even more. Besides me. I looked sheepishly to the ground. Then after everyone catched themselfs, the twins got up and stood next to me, one on each side.

I felt the need to say sorry again: "I am very sorry. I didn't want to claim all the place for me only."

Then they both grabbed me by my waist and whispered in my ears: "We enjoyed it."

I reddened more and when they kissed me on each cheek I reddened even more. I felt that I was looking like a red baloon.

"You both! Sometimes you are unbelieveable! Look how emberassed she is. And how red!" Hermione said and I felt more embarassed! And the twins enjoyed it more.

"Did you see this, Ron? That's how you get a girl", they said triumphally to their brother.

Me, still ashamed, was standing there while George and Fred were dragging me back to the seat and they placed me between them, still their arms around my waist.

"Gosh! Boys let her go!" Ginny said and tore me apart, fortunetely.

"Oh dear! You are still red! You are even more shy than me!" she giggled lightly and I tried to smile too.

"Okay. We learned that Galaxy is very shy and she will blush when you kiss her! And Ginny, you are not shy. You are pritty naughty!" George said and laughed.

"Guys! Stop it!" Hermione said and threw a book at them.

"We will arrive in 50 minutes and let her get ready! It's her first day at school!" she said and that seemed to work. They only grumbled abit and nothing more! I looked at Hermione and smiled at her and mouthed a quiet 'Thank you' and she smiled back.

"Okay. You have to put your robes on and get your stuff. Then you will go to the first years who will be transported to Hogwarts by boats and you will cross the sea. We, the others, will come by chaise. Then you will be greeted by Professor McGonagall in the entrance hall. She teaches transfiguration and she is our house teacher. Moreover, she is the deputy-headmaster.  

Then she will lead all of you to the great hall were we all will be arrived and already on our seats at each house table. You will see us on the right table. We will wave at you.  

Then you will come to the front and the sorting hat will decide where you belong to. Afterwards we will have dinner." Ginny said fastly. I just nodded and tried to understand as much as possible.

"Okay..." I said confused.

"Where are your robes?"

"In my bags. I will put them on now." I stood up and went to my bags which were near the twins and I blushed slightly when I looked at them who were grinning knowingly. I reached to the top where the bags were but I was too short and I couldn't grab them.

"Should we help?" The twins asked playfully. They both stood up and stood besides me very closely. While they put my bags down, they brushed against me and then they tripped - not accidentely - and I fell with them. I was on George and Fred was on me; we layed on the ground like a human sandwich, legs intertwined. I was very ashamed and to hide my red cheeks I put my hands in front of my face.

"Fred! George! Stand up!" Ginny said. Then Fred stood up and I could too. I was looking away, not facing anyone. "Wow! It seems that Galaxy likes us." The twins said and laughed. Harry and Ron giggled too. Only the girls understood how I felt.

"Please, never do that again. I feel very embarassed. Please..." I pleaded.

"We went too far this time, don't we?" They asked in union.

"Yes, you did!" Hermione said.

"We are Sorry, Galaxy. We didn't want to feel you uncomfortable. We are very sorry!" They really were sorry.

"It's okay. Just, ...... don't do this again. I don't like this." I said and then we hugged.

"Fine, now you should really put your robes on." George said. I nodded and did what he said.  

I looked at me and then I looked at them.

"And? How do I look like?"





"Thank you!" I smiled. Then I organized my bags and there I saw a bag which was moving awkwardly. I kneeled down and remembered what was in it and opened it imediately with guilt.

"Royalty! I am so sorry! Since when are you awake?" I talked to my kitten which seemed to be grown more and I wondered again why he has to grow that quickly. Royalty jumped in my lap in answer. He was abit confused by my long, dark robes but it seemed that he was quite taken with them afterwards he was adjusted to them because he started playing with my dark robes. 

"Is that yours?" Ron asked curious.

"Ron, don't ask stupid questions! It's obvious that it belongs to her! It is very attached to her!"

"It is 'he' and HE has a name! Royalty!" I said abit offended and Royalty was too; he was looking angry at them.

"Awe! He is so cute!" Ginny said and kneeled besides me to take Royalty in her lap.

"Hi, Royalty. I am Ginny." She spoke and touched him smoothly and Royalty loved it!

Fred said to Ginny confused: "Ginny, you know he doesn't understand you?"

"Of course he does! Didn't you see how furious he looked when Ron and Hermione said 'it' to him?!" I said lightly enraged and Royalty hissed at him; the first time very properly and not like a little kitten.

"Okay, okay... I won't say anything!" Fred held his arms in the air in surrender.

"You hissed the first time properly." I said quietly and surprised to Royalty who left then the lap of Ginny for mine. He sensed my amazement and worry of a mother who saw her child being independent. He bumped his head in my ribs to comfort me but that let me feel more like that.

"You are growing up, sweetie." I said but rather to me.

"Galaxy, you should get ready. We will arrive in 30 minutes."

Harry said and I turned around to him and I said: "Yeah... You are right. I should..." I stood up, Royalty jumped from my lap to Ginny's and looked very eagerly at me while I packed my bags. 

After I was finished I sat down back on the bench and Royalty, which was all the time waiting for me to finish, jumped in my lap and layed down.

"Wow! He is too much attached to you, Galaxy. You are very fortunate", Ginny said.

"I know. And I am very honoured to have him on my side." I stroked his fur and wondered that we were nearly 1/2 weeks together and we were already that close. Yes, we definetely have a very special bond.  

"Are you excited? Because we will arrive in 20 minutes." George asked to distract me from my worries.

"Of course I am! But I am also very nervous. Especially for my sorting by that sorting hat."

"Nah, you don't have to. We've been through this, too! You will survive and then everything will be alright. Besides you will be put in the Slytherins." George continued.

"George! Are you reasuring her or what?" Hermione said and then there flew a book again.

"Won't you talk to me anymore if I will sorted there?" I asked sadly while I thought of losing these great, new friends only because of different houses.

"Of course we will talk to you and keep in touch with you. But I think not too often because your house mates will be very rude when they see you are friends with us, with Gryffindors." Harry said. I nodded and remembered the encounter from before with Draco and his fellows.

"Then I hope I won't get in there."

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