Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


45. Cheeky Headmaster


Royalty ran towards me.

"I-I thought you were eaten by an Acromantula! I was even considering to go to Hagrid! What happened? Are you alright? And what's that in your hands?" he asked me and overstrained me right then.

"Galaxy. What happened to you? You look dreadful!"

I blinked and turned around to look into the forrest. The forrest seemed very dangerous and vicious, not like a few moments ago, when I met my guardian.

"Galaxy! What's wrong with you? I am very worried now."  

Ro nudged with his paw against my leg. I turned to him but I couldn't talk.

"If you won't make any noise, Galaxy, I will call the headmaster!" He threatened me but I didn't open my mouth.

"Galaxy, I am now goin-"

"Who's there?"  

Royalty was cut off by a deep, broad voice.

"I tell you, if you don't want to have any trouble, you better come out, and right now!"  

The voice came closer and a light too.

A very big and frisky quadruped bounced against my hip. I fell down and he covered me and started to lick my face and my neck.

"Fang! Stop it! Stop! Please!" I laughed uncontrolled.

"Fang! You stupid and gutsy blighter! Get off, I told you to get off! Or you won't get your 10 pounds ferret. Only 5 pounds!"  

Hagrid pulled him off me with arduous efforts.

"Sorry about him. He's a nasty but adorable troublemaker." He helped me up.

"What are you doing here, Galaxy? You aren't allowed to be here that late! Moreover what are you doing that close to the Forbidden Forrest? It's very dangerous! Even that close!" He pushed me away from the forrest towards the open ground.

"Galaxy, I have to bring you to the headmaster now, you aren't allowed to be that late at this place." He said gloomy. I gulped.

"Hagrid, don't. I didn't brake any rule, honestly. I have astronomy right now and I came 10 min. earlier on the grounds to study the stars. See, there is no cloud in the sky!" He looked up and agreed. He looked at me again, he was confused.

"I have even my books here." I held up the book my guardian gave me. It was too dark to recognized it was not an astronomy book. He looked more confused.

"But Professor Sinistra doesn't have classes today." He wondered loud.

"Yes, it's because a special star formation only appears today, every year on this date in fact. 

Fortunately the sky is cloudless to see it." I looked back in the sky nervously and he did the same.

"Alright then. Go to your classes and don't you ever do this again. Never! The next time I won't let you go away without a visit at the headmasters." I nodded relieved and thought that next time I should be more careful.

"Now go!" I nodded again and walked off, followed by an offended Royalty. 

But before I wondered why he was offended, I remembered something very important to say to Hagrid.

"Oh, Hagrid! I forgot! Two things left to say.  

First, you should take Madame Maxime out for a date! Maybe you can show her around the Forbidden Forrest. She would be definitely impressed. And just imagine, something creepy and ugly appears out of nowhere and wants to attack you. Then Madame Maxime would very scared cling to you and you would hold her tight and make that creepy thing disappear. And finally you will be her hero and she will love you till the end! That's actually the plan, I wanted to tell you back in your hut, the other day." I said.

Hagrid was very impressed and excited.

"You are very clever! Yeah, very clever! You should be in Ravenclaw in case you were sorted. I will definitely ask her.  

But-but how? I am always very nervous around her. Can't think or behave properly when she's in the room." I smiled. He is that cute!

"How about sending her a nice letter with your aftershave water squashed lightly on it? If you use this kind of stuff. And a rose of course! She's French, she loves tawdry stuff." I suggested.

"Splendid idea! I will start writing right now!" he said. He was already murmuring some phrases like "...Elegance of a hypogriff, voice of a veela and legs of a troll..."

"Uh, Hagrid, the second thing is that I have detention with you tomorrow night."

"Yeah, yes, yes." But he was only lost in his love letter for Madam Maxime. I laughed lightly and thought that maybe I should have told him about detention first and then about that date idea.  

I turned around and waved at the deep in thoughts lost giant.  

Right then when I entered the castle my smile faded away.

"The queen." I felt miserable. I already felt a burden on my shoulders. I stopped walking.

"Is this all... right?" My body started to shake.

"What will affect this on the future? On my future?" I gulped.

"No, I won't cry!" I blinked the tears away. I looked down at Royalty. He was still offended.

"Royalty? What happened?" I asked.

"That dirty dog seems to entertain you more than me!" He turned his head away.  

"Ro, you are more to me than that dog. You are my companion, my friend and... my strong backbone which makes me fight like a tiger." His head turned half way back.

"You are my true friend who will never leave me, never!" And there I wasn't strong enough and cried.

"Please, Royalty, promise me you will never leave me, never... You will always be there... Please."

He definitely wasn't expecting this. He was surprised but he didn't said anything. He just rested his head against my thigh.

"Thank you. I will tell you in a while what happened and I am sorry." I said after I dried my tears. Royalty just nodded.

We walked together to the astronomy tower, only he departed to our chambers when I walked in with 25min lateness.  

Professor Sinistra wasn't very angry at me, well she was a very calm person anyway, but she surely was annoyed.  

That's why I should help her to put all the telescopes back after class.  

And during the whole lesson I just made some movements similar to the other pupils and tried to look convincing because the happening earlier and my still open and hurting wounds didn't let me participate properly in the lesson.  

Then finally, the class was over and I put the telescopes with my professor back.  

She asked me why I was late and I lied to her too as I lied to Hagrid and said that I dozed off earlier and just woke up.  

She looked at me very suspicious which meant that she didn't believe a word I was saying.  

Luckily we were done and I walked quickly to my chambers.

As the Fat Lady let me in I bumped into Ron.  


"Oh, sorry, Galaxy. I didn't see you coming." He apologized and went red.  

"It's okay. You can't expect someone coming that late into the chambers, can you?"  

"Where have you been?"  

"Astronomy lessons."  

"I thought you were still at the headmasters." I furrowed my brows. 

"How do you know I was at the headmasters?" I asked skeptical. 

"Oh! Eeer... I-I..." He went more red and tried to stutter something.  

"Ron, I want to know the truth."  

"But I am not the only one who knows that!"  


"Yeah, the whole school knows that! Well, after everyone heard you singing." 

My eyes popped out of my head and my mouth opened in horror. 

"Y-You mean, the w-whole school heard me singing in the headmasters office?!" I gasped. 

"Yeah and honestly, everyone lost their senses. It was scary but awesome!! We heard your voice in the corridors and everyone wondered where it came from and then everyone arrived somehow in front of the headmasters office. It was amazing!! It felt like I was flying without a broomstick!! And when you finished everything was normal again and Hermione said that only Veela, fairies and nymphs have such an effect on others by singing and everyone wondered about you then.  

Suddenly and out of nowhere Snape run down the stairs and I was that scared I held Hermione's hand!" He made a pause. Maybe to realize that he said that out loud.  

"And he said we should walk away if we don't want any detentions." He added quickly and tried to be as objective as possible. 

"Wh-what?" I repeated unbelievable. 

"But how did you all heard me? I was only singing in the office and that's impossible to hear me from there through the whole school! You need a microphone or something to spread it all through the school!" 

"Well, I don't know what a microson is-" 


"... yeah, but I do know, thanks to Hermione who told me that when we walked back to our chamber, that only the headmaster can make use of a charm which makes hear pupils announcements he did in his office. I think it works sort of like the charm you use on big events like the Quidditch world up to enlarge your voice to make all the people in the stadium hear you clearly."

"What? You mean, the headmaster did this on purpose?!" I asked bewildered.  

"Rrrrr! That headmaster!! He's worst than the twins!!" I thought angry. 

"I think you should ask Hermione about this. She knows best about magic." Ron said a little scared by my outburst.  

"Unfortunately, I can't, I will leave just in two minutes because I have detention with Snape." I said and remembered Snape's satisfied face.  

"What? Tonight? And now?" I nodded. 

"Dear Merlin! Hope you come back safe. Snape has no mercy in his detentions." He gulped in fear. I think he remembered his detention with Snape. But I didn't had time to ask further because Mr. Black was already waiting for me.  

"Eeehm, Ron, have you seen Harry?" His expressions went from sadness to rage to jealousy.  

"He's rehearsing for more interviews. Went downstairs when I heard some voices and he was the voices." He said angry. 

"Ron," I rested my hands on his shoulders.  

"Don't be angry at him. He didn't do this intentionally. In fact, he didn't do anything and he doesn't like to be in this situation." But Ron only glared at me.

"He needs you." Suddenly Ron threw my arms aside and I pressed my lips because my wrists hurt. 

"He didn't need me when he decided to put his name in the goblet nor he needed me for putting it in the goblet! Then why does he need me now?!" He shouted agitated and I flinched in surprise. Then he run upstairs and slammed the door shut.  

I stared at this door and blinked in wonder. 

"He deserves to feel like this." A voice said from the side. I turned and saw Harry, also angry.  

"Harry, don't say this. You don't mean it and he as well. Your both are just emotional overloaded." I tried to clear their relationship up. 

"No! I mean it! And I am not emotional overloaded!" He said petulant.  

"Okay, maybe they need some time. Just let them do this and don't interfere." I said to me. 

"Where's your godfather?" 

"He disappeared when Ron arrived!" Harry said angry. I sighed.  

"So, that's the matter!"  

"No. The matter is that Ron doesn't understand!"  

I just had enough. Not only my guardian and the marking made me groggy and the Astronomy classes afterwards but also Harry and Ron and their childish argument strained on my nerves now.  

"Harry, I going. Have detentions with Snape. Bye." He blinked a bit sorry but I honestly didn't care. I was too overloaded.  

I walked all the stairs down to the dungeons. Coldness and darkness welcomed me. I was feeling very weak and ill but the nervous excitement about to spend some time with Snape alone made my head spin. It even vanished the disappointment of not meeting Harry's godfather away. But then remembering that he tried to harm me caused pain in my heart. I took a shaky breath and knocked on the door. 

"Come in!" A low, deep voice said arrogantly.

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