Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


56. Ball Preparations

"Your defensive skills are excellent, My Lady! I believe we should start training your offensive skills next Friday." My guardian said to me after our training unit.

"Really? I believe I am still bad!" I managed to say between my heavy breaths.

"As you think, My Lady. If you want to train more, I will obey." She bowed down.

That behavior got on my nerves. I couldn't make a joke without hearing 'As you wish, My Lady.' or 'What do you believe is best, My Lady.'

"No. If you believe it's enough, well then it's enough. We will start next Friday with offensive strategies, right?" She bowed down.

"We will meet next Friday then, My Lady. Please learn five offensive spells from your secret books." She was about to go.

"Yes. But wait, please." She stopped and looked at me patiently, well I guess she was doing this.

"Well, there will be a ball the day after tomorrow." I said.

"And... I am a little anxious. I've never attend a ball before. And I can't dance. And I don't have a dress for the ball either." I said to her.

"Don't worry, My Lady. Everything will turn out for the best.

As the Lady you have to attend several balls in the future. Just imagine this as a training."

"What?! But I can't dance!" I said horrified.

"Oh yes, you can. I believe you danced outstandingly in that dance lesson of your teacher. She even complimented you."

"How do you know that?" I asked stunned.

"I am always with you, My Lady." She just said.

"But that was just coincidence!" I came back to the topic.

"Nothing is coincidence, My Lady." She made a pause.

"Didn't you feel that sensation in your whole body while dancing?"

"No." I lied.

"That is an indication that dancing is in your nature because you are the Lady!"

I looked worried in the trees of the forbidden forrest.

"I still don't have a dress." I tried at the end with my best argument.

"You have an own tailor, My Lady." She chuckled.

"I don't?!" I said stunned.

"Yes, you have. Every Lady has an own tailor for their dresses. And your dress will be in your dorm room by the morning of the ball.

Have you any special orders or wishes, My Lady?"

"No." I said quickly without any idea.

"It should only be a light color." I added.

"Very well, My Lady." She bowed down.

"I have to leave, My Lady. I need to tell your tailor about your dress." I nodded.

"Won't he need my size?"

"No, My Lady. We already have your size."

I wondered how but I thought I should ask her next time.

"Okay. Well, bye then." I waved at her.

"Farewell, My Lady. And remember when you are dancing, think about nothing. You only need to get lost in the music." I nodded and she left.

"And just think you are a swan." I muttered and remembered Professor McGonagall.

I walked back to the school and entered my dorm room to find Royalty laying on the floor lazily.

"Do you do anything else than sleeping, eating and playing around?" I asked him a little annoyed.

"Well, I would happily go to the ball if I were you. Though you don't need to be rude. You're not the only one who has to do something she doesn't want to do." He said offended.

"Okay! I'm sorry! What will you do when we are all at the ball then?"

He grumbled.

"The headmaster organized a party for the animals in the kitchen. The owls will have their own party in the owlery." He said still offended.

"That sounds more fun than a ball. Wish I could join you guys." Royalty threw me a deathly stare and I decided to shut up.

"Galaxy!" Ginny squeaked excitedly from the stairs. I opened the door and Ginny ran into the room and took the door from me to shut it.


"I... actually..." She looked down on her feet and blushed.

"No need to be nervous, Ginny. Royalty won't bite you." I joked unnecessarily.

Ro threw me a deathly stare again and left the room with: "Can't stand all the hyperventilating girls."

"It's not you Royalty!" She tried to call him back but he wasn't in the right mood.

"Sorry about him. He's a little pissed off because he can't attend the ball." I said. Ginny looked sorry for him.

"Well, what's the matter?" I brought her back and she immediately started blushing again.

"Er... I wanted to ask you something." She made a pause and I waited for her to continue.

"May you practice with me dancing?" She said finally.

I was taken back by her question. Honestly, I didn't want to dance at all.

"Just imagine this as a training."

The voice of my guardian reminded me. I sighed.

"Yeah." I smiled forcefully.

"Thank you!" Ginny hugged me heartily.

"But after I am done with showering. Okay?"

She nodded with big, shiny eyes.

"We will meet in 45min downstairs." She nodded again and walked out.

I smiled.

"She is really excited about the ball. How cute!"

With that on my mind I grabbed my towel and my showering stuff and went to the bathroom.


I just walked out of the bathroom after taking a shower when someone knocked on the door.

"Galaxy? Are you finished?" Ginny asked. I giggled. She was too excited.

"No. I just finished with showering. Just 10 min more!" I said.

"Okay!" She said behind the door.

"Eeer. Ginny. You can go downstairs. You don't have to wait for me behind the door."

"Oh. Yes." She said ashamed and went downstairs. I let out a little laugh.


I searched for some black underwear and my cleaned robes.

Then I started rubbing body lotion all over my body.

Suddenly somebody knocked again.

"Galaxy? You come for sure, right?" I rolled my eyes.

"Ginny! I will! Now go!" I said annoyed. She left.


I started rubbing my legs with body lotion and was finished then.

Then again, somebody knocked again.

"Ginny! I need five more minutes!" I said. But she didn't go away.

I threw angrily my underwear on and walked towards the door.

"For gods sake, Ginny!"

I threw the door wide oped and gasped in shock.

It wasn't Ginny.

It was ... SNAPE!

He was looking wide eyed at me... and I stood in front of him ... in just... my underwear!!

I screamed and jumped behind the door.

"Can't you just wait patiently! I already said that I was coming!" I said shocked from behind the door.

He said nothing at first but then he cleared his throat and said a little confused: "The headmaster send me. He wants to see you in his office. Now." He made a pause.

"I am waiting downstairs." Then I heard him going down.

My heart was racing and my chest was raising fast.

"He - saw - me - in - my - underwear - only." I said to me.

I stood there for a minute but it seemed like ages. Finally I managed to close the door and sat on my bed.

I felt dirty again. Dirty and cheap like I felt after Karkaroff tried to kiss me.

I never wanted Snape to see me like that. I already accepted that he was only an unimportant school girl crush and therefore never thought about anything more than he giving me a good mark. I've never imagined that before! Moreover, I never wanted him to impress him like that, by seducing him sexually. Never! I am even not that good looking.

Snape saw me nearly naked! And... my body looks terrible!

I was about to cry.

"Really, does he had to see me like that?" I buried my face in my hands.

"Why?!" I thought.

Suddenly I stopped thinking about anything and remained motionless.

"Snape is waiting downstairs." I remembered.

I grabbed the roots of my wet hair and pulled them until the pain was to much.

"Why?!" I asked again.

Finally I pulled my self together but still I couldn't really work properly.

Therefore, I threw a big shawl around me instead of putting on a jean and a blouse. I didn't put any shoes on either and went down the stony and cold stairs with my bare feet.

Snape stood there on the middle of the carpet and looked up when I came downstairs. Every Gryffindor looked irritated at Snape. Of course! He was a Slytherin and what was he doing in Gryffindor?!

Well, he was here for me.

I stopped in front of him very ashamed and looked down.

Nevertheless, I felt his eyes on me, on my wet hair, my bare legs and feet.

"I should have put my jeans on at least!" I thought and felt more cheap.

Suddenly, Snape turned around and his robes brushed against my leg. Surprisingly, it was very soft and smooth. I shivered pleased or was it because of the chilliness?

We didn't talk at all as always and for the first time I was pleased to hear nothing from his breathtaking mouth.

But because of the fact that it was winter and the castle could get very cold then and I was only in my underwear and a shawl, I felt my whole body starting to shiver and my nose becoming tighter.

Finally we arrived at the headmasters office but yet I still looked on my bare feet.

"Gosh! My toe nails still have remains of my last nail polish." I thought.

"Ah! There you are!" Dumbledore said happily. But I kept looking on my feet.

"Galaxy! Why have you nothing on?!" The familiar voice of Professor Flitwick asked me.

"Oh no!" I thought.

I took all my courage and looked for two seconds up. There was no one else in the room. I was relieved.

"Severus?" The headmaster asked him after getting no answer from me.

"I brought her as you wished." He said distracting.

The headmaster laughed.

"But not just in a shawl! What if she gets a cold? Then she won't be able to go to the ball!" He said.

"I would love to miss the ball!" I said in my mind.

"What about a coat, Severus?"

I didn't understand what the headmaster meant therefore I looked up. He was looking at Snape friendly but yet determined.

After a while Snape unbuttoned his robe and threw it around me. Our eyes met for a short time but it was wonderful.

His hands touched my shoulders briefly but yet it made me warm inside.

I was surprised and felt strangely comfortable but yet strangely uncomfortable.

I looked away and blushed with a little smile on my lips.

"Much better!" Dumbledore said.

"Now coming to why are you here, Ms. Charmé."

"Y-yes." Professor Flitwick spoke a little irritated after all this time.

"I wanted to ask you, Ms. Charmé. Would you sing at the Yule ball?" My head shot up.

"What?" I asked weakly.

"It would be a great honor for me and it would rise the reputation of Hogwarts to present such an outstanding talent!" The short man said and wagged with his arms which were in comparison to his body too long.

"So the headmaster and Professor Flitwich are blackmailing me? To say it would raise the reputation of school is blackmailing for me. After all, I am very fond of this school by now. But no. They won't force me to sing! Never! And at the ball? Even less!!" I thought.

"I won't, Professor." And again, I destroyed all the hope of this tiny man.

"Not even for the school?" I shook my head.

"Please?" Okay, I got him that far now, that he was begging. I sighed.

"I will think about it." I said to stop him begging like a pup with his big, glassy eyes.

His eyes lit up. It was more difficult now to say to him that I would never sing on a stage. But I had to. The truth is sour sometimes and it hurts.

"I think we won't disturb you anymore, Ms. Charmé. I am sure we interrupted you in the middle of your preparations for the ball." The headmaster winked at me.

"Oh yes! Of course!" I thought sarcastic.

"Sending Professor Flitwick an owl by tomorrow would be enough and Severus, please, would you be so kind to escort her back?" He looked at him and I looked at the floor ashamed.

"Great! Well, lets continue with the ball arrangements!"

That was the sign for us to leave. Snape and me left for the Gryffindor common room while Professor Flitwick turned towards the great hall.

Again there was silence between Snape and me and I enjoyed it again. Now I was able to notice the beautiful Christmas decoration all in the castle.

Snape's robe warmed me up therefore my attention got to something else than the feeling of being cold.

As we walked back, my foot chains rang like Christmas bells and my lips were in a constant smile. I enjoyed that moment. I mean, how often do you get the cloak of Snape? Of THE SEVERUS SNAPE?!

I caught one corner of his robe with my hand and brought it up to my nose. It was pure heaven! One piece of fabric with his fragrance all over it! If there was a perfume called 'Severus Snape' I would definitely buy it.

"Achoo!" I sneezed suddenly out of nowhere. . "Achoo!" And again.

"Yeah! I am ill!" I though happily and sneezed a third time. Snape looked from the corners of his eyes at me down but he didn't say anything.

By now, we arrived the portrait of the fat lady while I sneezed and snuffled.

"Oh! You! Don't you dare to get in here again! And don't you dare to try to come during the ball! Well, I already know you won't have a partner but that's no reason for spying around in my common room." She said after she saw Snape.

I said the password to end their little fight quickly. She let me in and insulted Snape a little more. Surprisingly he didn't say a word to her.

As I entered the room Ginny ran to me.

"I am just changing, then I am dancing with you." I twanged to her.

Suddenly I realized that I still had Snape's robe. I ran out but it was too late, he was already gone.

I came back and Ginny was still there.

"Whose robe is that?" She asked but I giggled love struck in answer.

She looked strange at me.

Well, although I got a cold I was at complete peace! Not only because I didn't have to go to the ball anymore, I had Snape with me for the whole night!

I walked up and closed the door.

Suddenly I giggled louder and louder until I laughed. I fell on my bed and laughed in my pillow! It was wonderful! I threw my shawl away and... also my underwear!

Then I covered myself with Snape's robe. I felt the fabric all over my body, especially on my erogenous zones. I smiled and bit me on my lip.

This was surely very exciting.

I closed my eyes and lay on my bed, inhaling the scent of Snape and gave free rein to my fantasies.

Snape and I entered a cosy and very cold room.

"Gosh! Why is that cold in here?" I said while I rubbed my hands.

"Didn't pay my electricity for this month." Snape said in a naughty manner.

I giggled.

"Oh dear! How should we get warm then? How about lighting up the fireplace?" I asked.

"I have an other idea too how to get warm." He said teasingly and kissed me.

We made our way to the fireplace while we kissed and undressed each other.

By the fire place we were only in our pants. We tore apart to have Snape conjuring a fire and me pulling down my pants.

"Your a little too thirsty I believe." Snape said to me as I kneeled down and unbuttoned his pants and then pulled down his zip with my mouth. He growled pleased. All the while he rubbed my shoulders and neck. He pulled me up and we kissed again. Then he started going down with his lips and with his hand too.

"Wait! What was I doing? And what on earth happened to me? I should be ashamed of my thoughts!" My mind said. But I wasn't in the mood to listen to the prudent side of me. Not right now.

A knock brought me back to my room and in my bed.

I opened my eyes in shock. "What if Snape was there again? Wanting his robe back?" My chest rose uneven.

"Well, it would be fun!" My mind said back.

"Galaxy?" The soft voice of Ginny called me. I started laughing.

"What was I thinking!" I thought.

"Y-yes!" I said between my giggles.

"Everything alright?"

"Yes!" I laughed again.

"Wonder-wonder-wonderf- ACHOO!" I sneezed again and my laugher stopped.

"Yeah! Just coming!" I said while I smiled.

"Okay. I'm waiting downstairs." She left.

I smiled in my bed, covered with Snape. Surely, this was the best pre-Christmas gift I have ever received. I giggled one last time and got up reluctantly.

Suddenly I had an interesting idea. I got back to my bed and stood in the middle of my bed sheets. I closed my eyes and inhaled his scent again.

Then, slowly, I pulled off his robe from my arms and tucked the remaining robe under my arms.

A cool winter breeze hit my arms and I shivered pleased, imagining Snape's touch.

Then I rose up my arms and let the fabric fall down, brushing and teasing my body.

I let out a laugh. I stood there naked with my arms raised on my bed, my eyes still shut, and imagined the cold winter breezes that caused the goosebumps on my body as Snape's touches and breaths all over my body. I giggled again.

"Bloody hell! How I love to be dirty for him!" I said and laughed.

I flopped on my bed then and grabbed his robe. One last time I smelled it and lost myself.

Finally I pulled myself together and dressed me properly. All the while I giggled and laughed and had a pleased smile on my lips.


It was already dark outside and dinner was just served and the dance practice with Ginny already done . There was an excited atmosphere around us all.

I decided to write home to mom and So, wishing them a happy Christmas.

Our Christmas was very strange. We never celebrated Christmas after dad's death.

My mom couldn't bear the memories that Christmas held.

When So and I were little dad dressed himself as Santa Clause and brought us our presents.

But one day we found out about Santa Clause and our world broke down.

Dad then picked us up and brought us to a deer farm with numerous people dressed in Santa Clauses. That view was that amazing and that funny that we laughed and cried at the same time. Dad revealed to us that he borrowed his Santa Claus dress and a deer every year there and we laughed more harder. In the end we end up in Santa costumes too and surprised mom.

After that day we went at ever Christmas to that deer farm and fed those deers who remained there, mostly the ill ones.

After that we went to our favorite restaurant for dinner and afterwards we stopped at an ice café which was open in winter too to have a scoop of ice cream. My favorite ice cream was marshmallow and bubblegum!

That was the first day of Christmas. The second day was only for mom and dad. They often went to a secret place and had a romantic day. We sisters remained home and invited some friends to have a disney movie marathon.

The last day of Christmas was the day when our family and friends visited us.

That was our Christmas when everything was fine.

A little tear rolled down my cheek.

But when dad died my mom decided to never celebrate Christmas again and we obeyed.

It still hurts to see the wonderful and delighting decorations outside and not in our home, the huge glistering Christmas tree in our friends living room and not in our living room and the surprised faces, the carefree happiness in others and not in us.

I pushed the thoughts way.

"Well, therefore my letter at home for Christmas will be quite short and early. Moreover, I don't had to buy any presents." I thought.

I started writing.

"Dear mom and So,

A happy Christmas to you although you won't celebrate.

Here at school there will be a huge Christmas party and everyone is excited.

Wish you a lovely time and see you in my spring vacations!

Lots of love,


Then I gave the unemotional letter to Snowflake, who was surprisingly in my dorm for a change.

I watched her fly away towards home. I sighed.

"Why do I feel more home here at school and not at my real home?" I thought.

I shook my head to oust my depressing thoughts.

Going down into the hustle bustle of the people who were so excited about the ball would be the best to prevent going insane.

I walked towards the door and was about to go when a high sounded knocking stopped me in my tracks.

An owl in my window wanted to come in.

"Was Snowflake already back?" I asked myself and opened the window.

A familiar large black owl with piercing eyes flew in and had a letter and a vial tied to his legs.

I gasped. Was he...?

My hands immediately untied the letter and I recognized the writing in which my name was written.

"To Carmen Valeria Galaxy Charmé"

I tore the envelope open.

"Ms. Charmé,

The vial which is send to you should cure your cold by tomorrow.

Therefore you are able to attend the Yule ball and my detention.

If you don't drink the liquid, you will experience something much worst.

S. Snape"

I laughed.

"Experience something much worst." I imitated him.

The owl screeched and signalized me to not make fun of his owner.

"I am not, beautiful owl." I stretched out my finger and stroked its head. It immediately closed its eyes and started whistling.

"I am way too much in love with him." It whistled louder and I smiled.

"How should I make it clear to him?" I said to the owl but rather to me.

I stopped stroking it and it screeched irritated. Maybe Snape stroked his owl too less?

I took the vial from the other leg and let it have a few bites from my chocolate.

I put the letter up and read it again. After five times of reading I noticed something.

"He didn't lose a word about his robe!" I smiled pleased. Maybe he gave it to me as a Christmas present? I giggled.

The owl screeched again and I believe I annoyed it too much therefore it flew out of the window and left me alone with my giggling.

I took the vial and the letter and held it against my chest.

"Oh, dear Professor! How far does it go with us? Until we die?" I said between giggles and swallowed the liquid of the vial. Unfortunately, I didn't know yet what I took in my mouth and how misused those words were.

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