Between Crown and Heart

Galaxy Charmé gets nearly kidnapped by death eaters but luckily she's saved by Albus Dumbledore who has been searching for her for the past few years as the death eaters did.But why?Galaxy is told that she will end a cruel war,but how if she has never heard anything about true magic?How if she neither has faith in magic,nor in herself?Strange things happen to her and she falls in love with her Professor Severus Snape who will never belong to her as long as she won't confess her love to him.
Time passes then and she learns what important role she plays in this war and moreover how she has to fulfill it:She has to betray everyone she is fond with.She has to leave them alone when they need her most.And her love's fate is already sealed before her own fate was.
How will she experience her new destiny and how the loss of her life?In the end she will need a shoulder to cry on after her sacrifices but no one will be there for her.Thus be you there for her and give her a shoulder to cry on.


67. Authors Note III

Dear mind-blowing readers,

After 9780 paragraphs, 131516 words, 709024 characters, countless hours of writing and countless moments of neglecting my social life and quite often my education too :P, I finished my very first story in my life! And I feel amazing! 
Not only because of that huge work I've done but because of that great experience I had during this time. I really felt like an author and I had those problems of an author! 
What will be my story line? How will it look like? How won't it get boring? How will the characters develop? How can I express convincingly the feelings of them? How their appearance, impressions and actions? 
Several times I changed my whole sample chapters and lead the story to a different point. 
Mostly I wrote at night, before sleeping, which lead to many sleepless nights too! 
And when I started writing during daytime, all my attention was in my story and I wasn't addressable!
Then there were this language problem, of course! 
It was not as difficult as I thought but there were those moments when you aren't pleased by some words or phrases. It makes you mad! 
Thanks to me dictionary for looking up words I didn't know or those words which I know but couldn't remember at that moment!

But most of all I want to thank YOU! 
Yes, you, my bombastic reader! 
Thanks for giving me so much confidence through your comments, messages and votes!
Thanks for reading my story and listening to me and accepting my need to tell a story. 
This unique memory I won't ever forget! 

Losing a few words to the story now:
There will be, obviously, an other part of my story. 
It will take place in the book and film called 'Harry Potter and the Order of Phoenix'. 
And I will start to publish it at the start of the new school term at Hogwarts, though 1st September.
It may be long but you have to consider that I need to create an on going plot. Therefore I need to do some researches and then I have to write the beginning to let the remaining things unfold.

Until then, vote for this story and leave many comments with your ideas how I should continue. I will answer to them and then we can have a nice discussion! 

Until September, at the publication of the new book,

Your Puma!

PS: Don't forget to smile at least three times a day! :) :) :)

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