The Guide To Movellas

So this is a guide to Movellas.


4. You're New To Movellas, What first?

1. You could write a Movella. 

2. Read a Movella

3. Lost? Ask someone for help. (I can help!) Tip: Ask someone who has been on the site a while, at least a month. 

4. Talk to people in the forums, it's great to make new friends.

5. Enter a competition, they're great fun but can be disappointing. But anyways, they're fun. 

6. Create a nice cover for your new Movella using the awesome cover editor. A great cover always catches people's eye (not literally!). 

7. Join a few groups. 

8. Comment on a few Movellas (another great way to make friends!) 

9. Have a problem and isn't solved yet, contact Movellas. (Forums and other Movellians are better to ask as you can get a quicker response.) 

10. Fan a few people. Everyone loves it when someone becomes a fan of them ;) 

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