The Guide To Movellas

So this is a guide to Movellas.


3. Someone copied your story? What do you do? D:

You're browsing on Movellas and BAM! Someone has stolen your story. So what do you do? Check they wrote it after you published your Movella, read every chapter, see how much they copied. 

If they have copied it, the there is a little button at the end of the chapter that says "Report this Movella" and click on it. Movellas will then look into it. 

Make a forum and get people to check both your Movella and the copy, see what they think about it as well. Hopefully a Movellas Ambassador will see and help you. 

Then, stay calm. Don't panic. Don't leave Movellas. It will get sorted. While you wait for something to happen, just read a few Movellas. Check your forum post and your emails. Get a Movella Ambassador to email Movellas as well. You can also ask the author if they copied you, that won't give you an answer though, they will most likely deny it. Write down everything they say, and at the end add it up. See if their story on how they didn't copy your Movella changes, if it does they are lying and most likely did copy you. But I think the best way is to just not say anything at all. Movellas isn't a good place to have an argument with a Movella-stealing thief. 

Tip: Stay calm. 

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