Lock And Key

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make covers, but my things stopped working, so i can't make them! I spend ages designing, and it won't save!!! Urg!!!

This is a story that I began in the past, but have edited to make it fresh. This is something different to my usual style, so please feel free to leave comments, or add.

Callum Wolden is 15.
Nervella Carness is 15.
He's the athletic Popular sort.
She's the book and pen sort.
But when they're forced to work together in a Music Project, things begin to head up hill...


3. Unfortunate.

Nervella's P.O.V.


Lucia laughed at me like everything was okay. It wasn't though because my ankle killed. I'd sprained it a couple of days ago, and tripping me up like that brought the pain straight back.

"I'll get him back" Luica whispered in my ear. I sighed, and allowed her to drop my bag beside the seat. Then she left swiftly.

 I sat in Student Services for a while, until finally, they released me.

"Would you like me to help you?" Miss Kegane asked, lowering her glasses down her nose. I shook my head and thanked her for the help, then pulled my bag onto my shoulder, and attempted my way to class.

As I made my way down the Humanities corridor, I watched a door open and close, and then a figure stood outside the classroom, arms folded across thier chest, their face screwed up. When I walked by, I noticed exactly who it was, and kept my gaze to the dirty corridor floor.

"Sorry" he muttered, as I walked by.

I ignored him completly, and I heard him tutt from behind.

"Where's your mannors?"

"Where's yours, tripping people up like that."

I hoped he could hear the cold in my voice, and notice the anger that caused my fists to ball up. I made my way into the Geography classroom, and sat beside Lucia, who was scribbling down madly. Miss Horren didn't even give me a second glance, and continued to explain something to do with the Pacific Ocean.

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