Lock And Key

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make covers, but my things stopped working, so i can't make them! I spend ages designing, and it won't save!!! Urg!!!

This is a story that I began in the past, but have edited to make it fresh. This is something different to my usual style, so please feel free to leave comments, or add.

Callum Wolden is 15.
Nervella Carness is 15.
He's the athletic Popular sort.
She's the book and pen sort.
But when they're forced to work together in a Music Project, things begin to head up hill...


4. Shinned.

Lucia's P.O.V.


I could tell Nervella was upset and a little stressed, but I couldn't help but think that she was lucky. From all my experience of Callum, I knew he did nasty things to the girls he fancied. I know that sounded a little blown out, but it was true.

Sadly, I wasn't sure if it applied to Nervella. I mean, I knew Callum had a crush on Marty, everyone did, but he hardly showed it. He would flirt with her, but it wasn't something serious. She practically ignored him. Callum liked a challange. But Marty wasn't someone to be challenging. No doubt she had a crush on him too, but you could tell she wasn't that interested.

My eyes landed on Nervella when she snapped her red painted finger nails in front of my face. It was quite a surprise because I was so deep in thought, and I could tell she was reading my thoughts.

"What are you so madly dreaming about?" she quried, and slid past me to open one of the many blue dial lockers. In a couple of fast turns it popped open, and she pulled out a coat and scarf.

I shrugged.

"Life, I suppose."

She snorted, and began to wrap the scarf around her neck. Then her eyes met mine, and her face clouded over.

"What are you hiding from me, Lucia?"

Her voice was so serious it was un-real. Instead, I rolled my eyes in return, and slammed her locker shut, and locked it.

"Nothing. What could I possibly hide without you finding out?"

Before she could return a snidey comment, Callum and his 'Gang' walked by. The majority of them smirked at us, but Callum shot something rude in Nervella's direction. I could tell it hurt her from the expression that took over her face, so I decided to step in.

"What's wrong with you Callum? You've already hurt her enough."

I could tell Callum wasn't too happy, and before he could do something, I used my handy fast reflxes to kick him in the shin.

He fell to the floor cradling his 'poor' shin, and growled miserably at Nervella and I.

"What's the matter? Not as tough as you thought?"

And with that, Nervella and I linked arms and stalked off, laughing all the while.

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