Lock And Key

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make covers, but my things stopped working, so i can't make them! I spend ages designing, and it won't save!!! Urg!!!

This is a story that I began in the past, but have edited to make it fresh. This is something different to my usual style, so please feel free to leave comments, or add.

Callum Wolden is 15.
Nervella Carness is 15.
He's the athletic Popular sort.
She's the book and pen sort.
But when they're forced to work together in a Music Project, things begin to head up hill...


5. Not Possible.

Callum's P.O.V.


I don't know why that girl and Lucia were getting to me. It was so annoying, yet so...fun. I didn't mind the fact that Lucia had kicked me pretty hard in the shin.

One of the guys pulled me up without another word, and we hurried off behind them. I couldn't help but feel a little embarressed. I'd never actually been hurt properly by a girl before, and even if I had and it had been a slap round the face, I hadn't cried out in pain.

There was suddenly a tap on my shoulder.


"What did you do to her?" he asked, and glanced over in her direction. I looked the same way and noticed that they'd stopped just outside the main enterance. I turned back to Greg.

"Nothing. Doesn't matter."

I parted from them all then, and made my way out of the entrance and past both girls. I didn't turn back because I didn't allow myself to, and instead, concentrated on the fact that a group of girls headed directly at me.

"Callum!" one of them called.

I ignored them, and one of them swore something a little un-neccisary. I so badly wanted to react, but my mind kept wondering off. Hell knows where, but it did so all the same.


I typed away at my computer. The screen flashed white in front of my eyes, and the light reflected off the window behind me. Jay was typing so much it was hard to keep up, but I knew FB always did that to you.

Jay - Jed told me you tripped up a girl. Her ankle broken? Extra points.

Me - I don't think she broke her ankle. And haha. Anyway, that blonde DB got me back in the shins before we left school. Payback?

Jay - Shame. Lucia Harris? She's an 'itch. And yeah, Payback.

Suddenly, Facebook didn't appeal to me anymore. Without a goodbye, I shut down the screen and slid my laptop onto the chair beside my bed. I checked the alarm beside my bed, and red numbers pronounced it was ten to eleven.

I shut my eyes, and almost immediatly drifted off to sleep.


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