Lock And Key

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make covers, but my things stopped working, so i can't make them! I spend ages designing, and it won't save!!! Urg!!!

This is a story that I began in the past, but have edited to make it fresh. This is something different to my usual style, so please feel free to leave comments, or add.

Callum Wolden is 15.
Nervella Carness is 15.
He's the athletic Popular sort.
She's the book and pen sort.
But when they're forced to work together in a Music Project, things begin to head up hill...


1. Lions?

Nervella's P.O.V.


Like anybody else, the first day back to school is something that I can't help but feel a little bit happy about. Sometimes, it's boring being cuped up inside, having no-body to talk to. Yeah, I have a phone, but it doesn't always mean I have money for credit.

I jumped out of bed, and stretched my arms up towards the ceiling. Sunlight poured through the bare windows, and the trees rustled restlessly outside. I padded down the stairs and into the kitchen, where my brother, George, sat with his back facing me. I could hear him blabbing on about something to do with Lions, and how he'd managed to bring that up I had NO idea.

"Good morning, Nerve" mum spoke, a little to enthusiatically. She looked as though she was pleased to find an excuse to wiggle her way out of the Lion convo.


I took my usual seat beside George. He drank his orange juice and pushed his chair back.

"I was up ages ago!" he exclaimed, then raced off up the stairs and into his bedroom, where the door slammed shut. Mum glanced up the stairs, then at me, and a laugh escaped her lips.

"That child. His only 5 and he acts like he knows everything. Ugh, what'll he be like when he's 8?"

I had to give mum credit. I would have said the exact same thing, but I would have deserved a slap as well. I shrugged it off, and mum dumped the rest of her coffee down the sink.

"Think the coffee machines broke" she mumbled, then rinsed the cup out and dropped two pieces of toast in the toaster.


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