Lock And Key

I'm so sorry I haven't been able to make covers, but my things stopped working, so i can't make them! I spend ages designing, and it won't save!!! Urg!!!

This is a story that I began in the past, but have edited to make it fresh. This is something different to my usual style, so please feel free to leave comments, or add.

Callum Wolden is 15.
Nervella Carness is 15.
He's the athletic Popular sort.
She's the book and pen sort.
But when they're forced to work together in a Music Project, things begin to head up hill...


2. Encounter.

Callum's P.O.V.


I scanned the crowd of on-looking friends for one certain particular. Sadly, no-body stuck out, so I edged my around the group and down the hall towards the cafe. Usualy, Jay would have been by my side, but it didn't look like he was here.

"Callum!" somebody called from behind me. I spun round quickly on my heel to face Greg, my older brother.

"What?" I sighed, and turned back around. I continued walking down the corridor, my pace a lot slower then it was a few seconds ago.

"It's Jay. He told Jude, who told Harry, who told me to tell you, that he's been sent home. Aparently that crowd gathered around you because they thought you were involved."

I stopped in my tracks. I could hear Gregs's footsteps stop dead behind me.

"I wasn't involved. That fight was none of my buissness. I just happened to be there at the wrong time."

I hurried away from Greg and into the cafe where almost everyone gazed at me. I rolled my eyes, and to my surprise, everybody continued with what they were doing. I hated being popular. And, for that, a trouble-maker. Everybody thought it was clever, but honestly, it was to get back at my dad for dumping mum. It happened to fast, it was a blur. Thinking of mum by herself almost brought tears to my eyes, but I kept them back, and anger washed over me like a huge wave.

My eyes darted around the cafe, landing on groups of people chatting, laughing, eating. And finally, my eyes landed on a cheery looking girl, who's gaze met mine. She was one of the geeky people. Populars and Non-populars didn't mix at all. No matter how hard, it was a definate no.

I narrowed my eyes at her and she rolled her eyes in return, and continued chatting to one of her friends.


At the end of break, I was joined by another crowd. Luckily it was just mates, so nothing annoying or frustrating went on. We stalked down the halls laughing and tripping up a many people as we could. I don't know why we did it. It was just...our thing. A stupid game.

Lewis nudged me from behind, motioning to the girl I'd gazed at earlier. She was heading directly for us, obviously in the class back down the hall. She was only in a couple of my classes, and I was lucky Geography wasn't one of them. Mostly because I sat beside Marty, a cute girl I'd had my eyes on for a while. She was a Popular girl so it made total sense.

When she tried to edge around us I stuck my leg out without thinking about it twice. She tripped and landed on the floor with a frightning thud. She let out a couple curses, and released her books. Her hand dived for her ankle, and I stopped for a moment.

Lewis looked behind and glanced at me, then to the girl. The he nudged me and we moved along, and when I glanced back, a teacher helped her up and a friend held her shoulder and both of them helped her along down the hall. I knew the other girl. She sat beside me in French.

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