Your Forgotten Past Catches Me Up


2. Strange Route

It's a sunny day in mid August. I am on my way back home from school.  

I looked up in the blue sky, not only one cloud was seen!  

"Well, then...My house is over there, you know. See you tomorrow. Bye Fab!" "Yeah. Bye, bye!" I said in response. I waved at my friend before she turned and went into her house.  

I was now alone and I love being allone for a while. It's very smoothing to concentrate only on your person. And with the most beautiful weather it's more relaxing and comfortable. That's why I decided to make a little detour, to enjoy it more; I went straight ahead although I had to turn left, in my street. I thought that I would take the next one and turn then. Actually, I had never been in this area before and I wondered where my intentions are going to lead me. There are very beautiful houses here, I noticed. And then the next street on the left appeared but, I don't know why, I didn't turn. My head was saying to me that I should keep on walking straight ahead. And I did!  

After a while I smelled something burned, as if someone was barbecueing. I didn't think about it much until I came to the end of the road. There I saw a destroyed and lightly burned house. I gasped and quickly moved closer to it. My head was full of questions and I thought of what to do next.  

Firstly, I walked into the house, very careful, and I looked around to see weather there is anyone needy. It was horrorfying to see such a devastating scenery. It seemed as if a war was held here.  

I walked around. I called even a few times if someone is there but there was no response. Then I walked in the kitchen, well which was in former days a kitchen, and found a man in a tattered suit and a bald head lying on the floor. I ran to the man and kneeled down right beside him and touched him and tried to talk: "Sir! Sir! Can you hear me? Sir! Can you hear me? Please, make any noise or even movement that let me know you are alive. Sir!" I shook him but there was no answer. I bent down and held my ear near his nose and mouth to hear if the man was breathing. He wasn't. Then I tried to revive him by pushing his chest with my arms and whole weight up and down. Something I learned from my first aid lessons. I didn't know how long I did this but I knew that I didn't give up. "Come on, sir... breath! Be alive!" Then, suddenly, like a miracle, the chest under my hands moved and it was raising. The man breathed, coughed, and he was alive! I felt the feeling of relive and happyness perfusing through my body!  

"Sir! Thank god! You are alive! But what happened?" I asked him. He was panting and wasn't actually able to talk. "Oh, where are my manners! I am so sorry! I think I firstly call an ambulance." I searched for my phone in my pockets and took it out. I just started dialing the number when a shaky hand was covering the phone. I looked up in bewilderment. "Sir, I have to call an ambulance! You need to be treated by doctors in a hospital!" He shook his head. "No." a weak voice was saying in my mind. "No. But please take me to your home." I was scared and confused. Who was saying this? And if the man in front of me did, then how was he able to do so? And why didn't he want to go to the hospital? "I will explain to you when you take me to your house. Please, help me, quickly! I know it is strange for you but please help me and trust me." I looked at him skeptical. I stood up still looking down at the man with his high expectating stare at me. I sighed and helped the man up. But soon I realized that he was a wheelchair user. It was more complicated now. How can I take him to my house? "Call a taxi." I looked at him and nodded. I called for one. Then we waited for 10 min. in silence and he looking at me the whole time. I felt very uncomfortable! Well, then the taxi arrived. The Afroamerican driver was nearly peeing in his pants when he saw the destroyed house and then us. He ran to us and helped the man in the taxi. I said my address and then he drove a little reluctant to my home, not as he and I were suggesting to the hospital.

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