For You

For you you are feeling a burning desire as you sit alone.


1. For You

For me you are feeling

A burning love of desire

Thinking of me you sit alone

As you watch, the sun peeks through


It fills the room

As you think of our future

Of things we can do

You can hold me in your arms


Your heart will beat against mine

Lost in time we are

You hold my love close

To your heart


My love you want

As you sit and watch the sunset

The dew is still on the grass

We dream of far away places


In your heart I will always be

I'm the only one for you

As you are for me

You dread the day


That you go through

Because I'm not there

My king you are

For all the endless days


Our days are going slow

We don't know why

This has to be

For the two of us


You have a wish

To you it will be granted

The good Lord above

Will keep us strong


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