I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


16. Were DONE!


     Nikki's point of veiw:

Me and Elyssa kept on running, from the corner of my eye, i could see kira running with her red hair flaming everywhere. She was running after Niall. Why did i trust her?! Oh well, lets just say me and Niall are OFFICIALLY OVER! Elyssa and I went into my car. I started it up and zoomed out of the parking lot station. I saw Niall pull out of the parking lot and come after me. So, i stepped on the pedal and started to go even faster. By now it was already 2:13pm. and then again there is kira chasing after Niall in her car. Oh ya me and him are totally done! FOR REAL THIS TIME! I turned into a dead end, but i saw niall keep going down the road, thinking i was still driving down the road. So, i turned back and headed back for the college. As i returned to the parking lot, me and elyssa ran inside into our dorm. I took all of Kira's stuff, and threw it out the window, she will hopefully see all her stuff when she parks in the parking lot. Me and Elyssa got into our pajamas and made popcorn. Me and her ate the food that i had gotten for Niall and Kira and me. We watched a movie and we both fell asleep.

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