I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


13. trouble much


Nikkis pov

i sat there laying beside Niall. He had put some music on earlier. The T.V. was shut off and me and him was laying there staring at each other. " you are so beautiful, Nikki." he whispered staring into my eyes. " thanx, but there is something, i need to ask you…" i said to him with a sweet little voice. " what is it babe?" niall asked me sittijg up and leaning his pillow on the dashboard of the bed. then he lay back on it. i stood up and sat right next to him. i put my arm over his chest. like a hug kind of way. " Do you love me?, or did you date me because it was a bet?" i asked him stuttering a little bit. " Nikki" he said grabbing my hands. " i LOVE you, i never meant to hurt you and you know that" he said straight into my eyes. i kissed him and then got up and looked at the clock in the bathroom again. it was 11:58. " niall, why dont we get to sleep. it is getting late." i told him. he got under the comforter

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