I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


23. The "perfect as planned" date


Nikki's Point of view:

The restaurants's name was benihanahs it was absolutely amazing. I couldn't believe that on our first date he would bring me to this wonderful plac e. I didn't really expect him to be my boyfriend, I just you know. A lady came and she ordered our drinks, she came back a gave the drinks to us. A guy came, with a gigantic cart full of food supplies on it, and he asked us what did we want. "Um, I will have, the, um, just rice, and some trout to go on the side." Harry said. "I'll have the, hmm, same as him,please" Niall said while  scanning the menu again. "Her and I will have the noodles and trout, plus salmon." Zayn said smirking at me. "OK, well pretty young lady goes first!" He said with a smile. I smiled. He started getting the supplies out to make the rice. He put hard rice on the cooking area. He turned the burner on. "Watch out for your fingers, we don't want to have to explain to the jury that this place is safe!" He said laughing. The guy was white and he was British. He had brown hair. It was all spiked up. He was pretty cute! But I have my boo, and I dint know if he has one or not. Who cares!.... He put the rice and seperated it into 4 bowls. He took the steak and the bowls of rice and gave it to us. He left us in peace to eat. I tryed not to scarf my food down. But, that's really what I ended up doing. "Don't eat your plate!" Harry joked with me. "Haha, very funny!" I said a little to loud, while finishing my last bite. "Why don't we all order desert after this?!" Zayn pitched in trying to break the silence. "Sounds great." We all mumbled.  After they all finished we ordered dessert and waited. When the dessert came we were all stunned. "That looks" I said cutting my self off. "AMAZING!" Niall screamed from across the table. We digged into our amazing dessert and finished by 10:30pm. When we were outside, Zayn noticed that there was a ocean in the back of the restaurant. "You guys wanna go to the beach in the back!?" He asked us. "Sure... I guess"  Harry said from behind the big column.

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