I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


31. Starting College

Niall's Point of view:

I got up and went to make dinner for Elyssa, Nikki and me. Nikki was in the bedroom playing with the baby. Elyssa walked in just then. "Hi!" I said giving her a hug. "Hi Niall?" She said looking confused. She put her stuff down and went into the bedroom. I followed after her. "Hi Elyssa!" Nikki said jumping up going to give her a hug. Elyssa noticed Alex in her play pen laying down. "Nikki!" Elyssa said picking up the baby. "You never told me you were having a baby!" She said tickling Alex. I'm going to call Elyssa Lisa from here on. Lisa was so excited about the baby. But she dropped her smile and put the baby back in her play pen. "There's something I have to tell you.." she said going to sit on the couch. Nikki looked at me. And then we both followed her. I grabbed the baby and carried her with us. "I'm moving to another College." Lisa said. "Why?" Nikki said. "Well, it will be okay, I will come to visit you!, and you can move your bed over and have more room for the baby!" Lisa said trying to cheer the move. We all talked for a while and ate. Then Lisa took all of her stuff out. "Goodbye!" We said giving Lisa hugs. Nikki put Alex in her bed and Alex fell asleep. Nikki and I were wondering what we were gonna do tomorrow considering we have to start college tomorrow. "Maybe we can bring her to our classes!" Nikki threw the idea out. I couldn't disagree with her. I went to the dean. He said that we could bring the baby to our classes but we have to keep her quiet. Which was a deal. I went back to the dorm and got ready to go to sleep. Nikki and me cuddled and fell asleep.


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