I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


29. Picking it out!


Nialls point of view:

When we pulled up into the parking lot at Babies'R'us, I quickly ran to the other side to grab Alex, but Nikki beat me to her. I grabbed a cart but Nikki refused to put Alex in it. We went inside and sat and waited at the front desk for someone to assist us. "Hello!" A lady said as she sat down in her chair. "Awww! And who is this little cutie?" She said getting her clipboard out. She took out her pen and was ready to write. "This is Alexandria, and I'm Nikki and this is Niall" Nikki said smiling. "Okay, well how about we get started with looking at cribs?" The lady said standing up. We followed her to the crib isle. Nikki handed me the baby while she looked at the cribs with the lady. "You can go over to the baby play area, to keep her busy!" The lady said pointing her pens to the baby play area. I walked over there and put Alex on a foam pillow and trapped her by putting a bunch of big pillows around her. I didn't think she would move so I her on an animal blanket that was attached to toys she could mess around with. 


Nikki's point of view:

After I picked out Alex's crib, play pen, and her bouncer, I wanted to make sure it was okay with Niall if I could get it. I found him in the play area. "Niall can you come over here so I can show you what I picked out?" I asked him. "Yes" he said standing up. He walked over to me and focused on the words that were about to come out of my mouth. "Do you like what I picked out?" I said looking at the stuff. "Hmm" he said scrolling his eyes over the stuff I picked out. "Ya, but does all of her stuff have to be pink?" He said looking at me confused. "Yes! That's the main point of being a girl!" I said. He hugged me. "And that's why we can get all the stuff you picked out" he said smiling. He went back into the play area to get Alexandria. I pushed the cart that the crib, play pen and bouncer were on while I followed Niall to the front desk. I took Alexandria from him and went to go get clothes for her. He was buying the stuff and going to put it in the car. I picked out 26 outfits for her. 13 pajamas, and 13 daytime clothes. After that I bought them and headed out to the car where Niall was waiting. I put Alex in her car seat and buckled her up. I got in the car and Niall drove off. "I love you babe" he said and made is kind of awkward. "I love you to" I said putting my hand on his shoulder. " you know, maybe we should just drop out of college..." he said shrugging his shoulders. He parked and we went I inside. I put Alex on the couch. Niall went back out to get the stuff, as soon as he returned, he started building everything. It was turning 2:00. So I put Alex on my bed a trapped her. As soon as she fell asleep I returned to the main room and started to help Niall build Alex's stuff. 

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