I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


14. New room mate.


Niall POV-

I woke up with my arm around Nikki. I got up, trying not to wake her up. I got up and looked at the time. it was 6:15am. i went to go look at the date on Elyssa's calender in the living room. it was wednesday already. i dont want sunday to come around. i quietly got out of the room. in my dorm, which i share with Harry, i grabbed some clothes and got into the shower. i got a text from nikki.

~where did you go?~

~i went to my dorm, and elyssa is here~

~what are you doing over there~

~i was about to get in the shower~

~okay well meet me in the hallway when your done~

~see you then~

i put my phone down and got in the shower. when i was done putting my clothes on after my shower. i brushed my teeth, and put deoderant on. i sprayed some colon on and went to the hallway. when i looked up after locking the door, i saw Nikki and this other girl. "Hi Niall" Nikki said. "hey babe" i said kissing her."This is Kira, my new roomate." she informed me. 


Kira's POV-

 I can not believe an ugly slut like that can get a handsome guy like that. Oh well, im beautiful. Even more than Nikki. Im going to make her life a living HELL! "hi niall, we were just gonna head off to my dorm would you like to come?" i said to niall in the most sweetest voice ever! "You mean our dorm" Nikki added. "Sure!" i said while opening the door to our dorm. i sat down on the couch. Then Niall and nikki sat together snuggling. 


Nikki Pov

Me and Niall were just sitting here. Elyssa moved in with Kira's old roomate. Me and Elyssa had an arguement this morning when she came home from niall's. At least Kira is nice to me. I dont see why Elyssa was mad at me. Just because Niall slept over last night. He is my boyfriend. Last time i checked Elyssa isnt my mother. "So babe do you want me to go get some food for all three of us?" Niall asked me tucking my hair behind my ear. "No, i will get it, you stay here and get to know kira better!" i said grabbing my wallet and heading out the door. "Fantastic!" Kira shouted as i was just closing the door.



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