I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


8. Its going to be hard, but you gotta try.

 Harrys POV

I couldnt beleive it was nikki when she turned around. I sat down next to her. Then she got up and went to nialls side of the bench. i dont even know if shes my best friend anymore i dont think so....... She took the keys out of nialls pocket. "ya see these cheater!, im taking them and driving my self to the dorms!" she screamed dangling the keys over nialls face. she ran to the car and started it. i watched as the car pulled out of the grass and raced down the street. "whats going on with her?" i asked niall. "nothing, i want her back,but oobviously, she just sees me as a big fat joke" niall said with depression." can you take me to the dorms?" niall asked me poking the ground with a stick, looking sad. "sure buddy" i said. i walked over to the my car, and niall followed me with his shoulders following him. i got into the car and shut my door. niall did the same. i started the car up and raced down the street. it was silent, until i saw niall had the stick still in his hand. "why do you have that stick still" i questioned him and i started to smirk and giggle. "nikki stepped on this stick, when she walked over to the benches" he said still depressed. i parked and we got out of the car and walked inti the college. we got into the elevator, when it ringed and opened we got onto our floor. i opened our dorms door. niall plopped onto his bed and turned over and started whispering stuff to himself.

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