I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


11. i trust you, but you have to prove it to me.


Nikki POV

So, as i heard him say that, i stood up. and i gave a big sigh,"ya but thats not the point niall." i stood up and kept talking. i went to the kitchen and got a cold rootbeer. " ya but you guys were perect for each other, now you both live each other but just cant say those three little words" harry inturrupted."and especially that im both of your guys best friend, i could never pick a side." harry continued. "thanks for understanding harry" i said with a carcasim in my language. " but, Nikki, you have to understand, that, i love you, ALOT." niall said with his big blue eyes. "i know that, but, niall YOU have to understand that i love you alot to." i said walking back over to the couch. i sat down next to him. he looked at me. "what?" i questioned while he stared. "fine, ill give you one more chance, through this month and the next, if you dont make mistakes, then ill date you until you do." i told him as his eyes grew larger and his face grew red and squishy from his cheeks smiling to much. he let me ride his back as we played until it grew very dark outside. it was 9:30pm when he set me back down on the couch. he lay down, right beside me. we didnt really notice that harry had left in the middle of our fun little play hours. as he layed there trying to fall asleep, and i noticed he was falling into a very dark sleep. i sneaked up on him and jumped on him with both of my legs on each side of him. he shaked, and then laughed. he picked ne up and took me to the bedroom, and sat me on the bed. i lied down, and got into my pajamas while he got into his. i wore a long saggy sweat shirt with long sweat pants, and he wore the same pants, but a different shirt.


Niall Pov

Nikki looked so cute in those pajamas. me and her picked out a movie and put it in the dvd player. me and her got under the covers and snuggled up and  watched the movie. the movie froze. so i looked at her, and she looked at me. "what now?" she asked me. "nothin" i said to her. i looked away and then look ed back at her. "oh dear god, what is it now!".she laughed and screamed at th same time. i put my arm over her stomach. she turned her body so that her face could look directly at mine. so now my arm was on her hip. she scooted closer to me. and then i kissed her on the lips. she rolled on top of me and now my arms were on her back. she constantly kept kissing me, and then i relised that the movie ended.we didnt care we just keot on doing what we were doing.

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