I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


10. i trust you, but you have to prove it to me.


Nikki POV

So, as i heard him say that, i stood up. and i gave a big sigh,"ya but thats not the point niall." i stood up and kept talking. i went to the kitchen and got a cold rootbeer. " ya but you guys were perect for each other, now you both live each other but just cant say those three little words" harry inturrupted."and especially that im both of your guys best friend, i could never pick a side." harry continued. "thanks for understanding harry" i said with a ball of carcasm rolling down my tounge.

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