I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


34. I love you!


Nikki's P.O.V. : 

I woke up at 12 midnight,to the sound of shouting outside. i forced my self up and walked outside. The boys were fighting. More like Zayn and Niall. "HEY! CUT IT OUT" I shouted. I walked into the middle of their fight and they both stopped. "Niall and Harry! Inside! Zayn! Home!" i demanded. They followed my orders. I walked after Harry and NIall as we went inside. "I AM SO ASHAMED OF YOU NIALL!" i shouted. he sat on the couch and i noticed the bruises and the black eye, and his bleeding nose ans lip. I got ice and band-aid. i put the ice on his eye and put band-aids on his cuts. i wiped the blood off of him and we went upstairs. "Here harry, this is the key to the second master bedroom." i said. Me and  Niall went to our room got into pajamas."how could you do that, i thought you said you guys were mates again?" i questioned him. "We were getting along pretty well, until he brought up things about you and Alex.Then he started calling me bad things because i stole Alex and you from him." He replied. We finished getting dressed and Niall turned on the T.V. and came on the bed to lay down. "Does that mean i get no sugar tonight?" He asked me with a puppy face."You can get some but not the full package." i joked. Turned over and starting kissing me. "I love you  and im so sorry." He said taking my clothes off. I did the same. He pulled the covers over us and was about to say something else. "I love you." was all he managed to say.  I gripped his back. I managed to get on top of him. He held my hips as i kissed him. We both fell asleep when the magic was over. 

Nialls P.O.V.: I woke up with Nikki"s legs wrapped around my body and my hands my hands around her waist. I escaped her legs and got in the shower. I got dressed and then heard a loud bang, which felt like the odd sound came from the babys room or next to it. Where Harry was sleeping. When I finished doing all my buisness in the bathroom, i went to go check out the babys room."Still sleeping." i whispered to my self. I checked in Harrys room. " Ah really Harry! You brought a girl into my house, and didnt even bother to tell me you were going to do that?!" I screamed playfully. "Well,i cant stop you now... Carry on!"  and with that i shut the door and made breakfast for everyone when they had the nerve to come down in to the kitchen. I set the table and put all the plates filled with food on the table. I made a bottle for Alex, and this time i was going to off to feed it to her. I was thinking of giving Nikki  a break for once. Finally, I heard Harry and his girl come down stairs. Thank God they were dressed! They ate and left. Nikki still didnt get up. I heard the baby fussing, so i rushed upstairs as fast as i could so Nikki couldn't beat me to her. I took Alex out of her crib and brought her in the kitchen. I grabbed her bottle and brought her to the rocking chair. She finished so i put her in her playpen. Nikki came down with a bra and under wear on. She ate quickly. She sat on the counter and watched me clean her plate.She stuck her tounge out at me. I dry my hands and i grabbed her waist and picked her up. She put her legs around my waist. I started kissing her neck. "just what i wanted!" she smiled. Her nails sank into my back. she some how got on top of me and sat there. "i love you too!"she said responding to what i said last night. She kissed me and my hands smothered her back as we carried on.

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