I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


33. Going to the new house.


NiallsP.O.V. : 

We arrived at the house and i started taking everything out of the car and placed it by the front door. The guys arrived and placed 

everything inside where it went. Nikki played with the baby at the park in front of the house. We re-built everything we took down at the college that wouldn't fit in the car when it was already built.Every one of my boys were here except for Zayn.I guess, i should call him. He does care about us. so i took my idea and took my phone out of my pocket and dialed his number.

-uh hello?- he answered.

-hey its me, Niall-

-oh,its you-

-Why did you say it like that?-

-oh,i dont know... because you stole my child and my girlfriend!-

- i didnt steal alex from you,she is my child! And Nikki is my girlfriend,you cheated on her!-

-you can come over if you would like,we are planning a party for alex's arrival. since we didnt have one.-

and then i hung up.

Nikki's P.O.V.: 

I listened to alex's beautiful laugh as i pushed her on the swing.I got tired, so i took her home. When i got there,everything was put together and ready to be lived in. I put Alex in her playpen. "Im going to take her a bath and then if you make her a bottle, ill also put her to sleep." i told Niall as he sat on the couch watching football with Harry, and.... Zayn. I glanced at Zayn, and then got Alex and stared at Niall. "Niall may I speak with you for a moment?" i asked him, watching Zayn's every move. "Sure,hun." he answered as i tugged him to the kitchen. "What is he doing here?" i asked him while whispering. "Me and him made up and are mates again, isn't that great!" he said with the brightest smile. " you mean the guy who was going to take our child, the one who claimed Alex was his daughter. The one who had to be taken out of the hospital room because he was going crazy!?!?" i said to him raising my voice every time i spoke a sentence. "As long as you know that he has changed, its fine. But keep him away from Alex and I." I added. I glared at Zayn one more time as i walked up the stairs to the bathroom. i put water into the whale new born bath the doctor recommended. i lay her in the bath and rinsed her gently. i washed her, and then rinsed one more time. i put the towel on her and brought her to her room. i dryed her off and put baby lotion on her. I put a diaper on her and pajamas. i kissed her on the forehead and put her in her crib.i walked down the stairs,and expected to see Niall making a bottle for Alex. But he was  outside playing football. So,I prepared a bottle for her and fed it to her. She passed out and i went down stairs and threw her bottle in the sink. "he is in so much trouble" i whispered to my self, and wanted no response. I was done for the day.

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