I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


36. Getting it set up! oh boy!


Niall's POV:

It was 4am and i heard Alex start crying, i didnt want Nikki  to get up, so i quickly got a bottle and fed it to Alex. She passed out and i put her in the crib. I was walking back to bed when the phone rang and doorbell rang. I answered the phone, 

-uh hello?-

-yes, this is the pony ride company, is this Niall Horan?-

-yes sir, whats going on?-

-your the ponies, water,food, fences, and receipt is ready-

-ok, thankyou-

and with that i hung up,and then opened the door. "Sign here, and  here please." The owner of the pony company said. I signed everywhere needed.  "ok, the supplies are going where you are going to have the party at." He informed me.  "At... the XL farm room at the Civic Center."I said un-sure. I closed the door and headed back to bed. I closed my eyes, but couldnt fall asleep. So, i got up and took a shower. I dry off and got dressed. I took my phone, work paper for the reserved pony ride and farm room and put it in the car. I went back inside and got a paper and pen. On it i wrote-Goodmorning love, i went to the civic center. Meet me there when you wake up. love yoube extra safe :). I left it on the counter and got the baby. I placed her with Nikki in our bed, and closed our bedroom door. I took the pen and 5 different peices of paper, and placed it in the party favor bag. I put the bag in the passenger seat with everything else and buckled up. I drove to party city, picked up 5, 12 inched pink and blue ribboned boxes and put 4 stuffed animals in each box. I purchased everything and put it in the trunk. I drove to the civic center and put everything i bought for the party inside the farm room. I saw the pony ride equipment and started putting it all together. I finished then  I started writing on the invitations

-Greetings, the Horan family would like to invite you to Alexandria's baby shower. It will be tomorrow at 12:30pm, there is a pony ride and a pinata jungle! Hope you can make it! There are wine, beer, and water refreshments avalible. And sparkling kids wine, apple juice and water for kids. Gift cards for babys'r'us are welcomed as a gift! We look forward to seeing you there!, the Horan family- I wrote that message on 8 invitations and sealed them in envelope's. My phone rang and i answered it. "Mr.Horan your pinatas are ready, they are coming to the farm room." A guy with a broad voice said.I hung up and waited for the pinatas. They arrived and I started to hang the pinatas on the ceiling. I put all the plastic bats in the container. I walked to the car and got inside,  buckled up and drove off. I went to the Publix across the street, and went inside. I picked up wine, beer, water bottles, juice boxes, and sparkling kids wine. I bought it and put it in the trunk.I dropped off the invitations at the people that were invited. I finished and made sure. "Ok, i got Harry, Liam, Louis, Elyssa, my friend David and Vanessa,that have 2 kids, texted Nikki's mom the info, Nikki's friend Jazmine, that have 1 kid, and her other friend Sasha and Chris that have 2 kids and 1 newborn." I whispered to my self. I drove back to the Civic Center and rented 2 large tables and 2 medium tables. I set the large one on 1 side of the room, and 1 medium on the other. I set the other medium table in the middle and put the beer, wine, water bottles, juice, and sparkling kids wine on it. I got chairs and placed them at tables. I blew up the balloons and put them on chairs. I gave the work papers  to the lady at the front desk. I put the food and water out for the ponies.I ordered a big and little cake from publix and told them to drop it off at my house. I asked the people that worked at the front desk in the Civic Center if they could keep an eye on ponies and feed them. "sure, we would be more than happy 2!" they replied. I went home and saw Alex and Nikki getting ready. I pulled in next to Nikki's car and went inside. "Hey! there's my 2 favorite gal's in the world!" I said sitting on the couch next 2 them. "I got everything ready for the party inside of the farm room. The lady's that work in the front desk were more than happy to look after the ponies till tomorrow." I added. "I wonder why they said yes to you? They would always say no 2 me!" She said laughing. Alex started smiling, and we both laughed. "I was thinking you, Alex, and I could go out the night of her party, to celebrate?" I asked holding her hand. "Yes, that would be great! Where do you wanna go?" She asked with concern. "How about that place in west palm beach that you get live music while you eat, i think its called serve a song." I replied. "Sure!" As the clock hit 12pm, i didnt have an idea of anything else to do. 

Nikki's POV:

Niall and Alex are playing on her toys. So i decided to take a nice hot bath. I lit up candles and dimmed the lights. I got out my phone and just started to text, and post pic's,and comment, and like pic's. My phone rang. "Im not in the mood to talk people, i just want to text and all that other stuff." I said to myself groaning. I answered it and it was my mom. 

-Hi sweetie!-

-Hey mom!-

-um, i got your invitation about the party, Niall sent me the invitation by text, and I can make it!-

-thats great!-

-but i have more great news!- 

-your sister, brother, and i are moving to orlando!-

-thats great!-

And with that i hung up, i was more excited then i thought. I turned my bath into a shower. I dried off and changed into my pajamas. I got out my phone and texted Sasha. She didnt answer. I went  out into the living room and fed the baby a bottle. And then i put her in her swing that is supposed to make her fall asleep. "Hey babe." Niall said walking out of our bedroom with only boxers on. "hey sexy." I said laughing. He swooped me up and carried me to our bed. He threw me gently on the bed. He kissed me and i held his neck. "I love you." He said, i was gonna say i love you back, but nothing managed 2 come out. We got up and i fed the baby another bottle and i rocked her in the rocking chair. She fell fast asleep and i put her in her crib. We kissed her on the forehead and Niall put the blanket over her. "Night night our little princess." I said locking all the door's and locking all the windows. I turned on the kitchen light and put pasta in a pot and sauce. It finished and I put it on 2 plates and served Niall his plate while he watched tv. I lied down and i ate while watching the show with him. We finished and i put our plates in the dishwasher. I headed back to our bedroom and i turned off all the lights. I lied down and he put his arm over me. I fell fast asleep.

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