I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


30. Building all of her things!


Nialls point of view:

As we were finishing up building the last thing, Nikki noticed there were 3 more boxes. "What are those?" She asked walking towards them. "Oh, while I was purchasing the other stuff I noticed you didn't get some important stuff, so I grabbed a stroller, a 3 pink drawer case, and a toy box well full of toys!" I said pointing to all of the stuff I got. She didn't say anything she just helped me build the things. "Ya, I think this goes here" she said trying to shove the wheel of the stroller into a hole. It went in luckily. 

Nikki's point of view:

Niall kept building the stroller while I moved everything we already built into me and Elyssa's room. I pushed the crib over to my side of the room. I had to call Elyssa, I was worried about where she went. So I took the time to go in the bathroom and shut the door to call her. I dialed her number in my phone and it started to ring. 


-Hi Elyssa

-Oh hi Nikki! Why did you leave the dorm that one night with Zayn with out telling me?

-i dont know! But when are you coming back to the dorm. 


Okay, see you then!

I hung up and went back to pushing the crib into the bedroom. I got the crib in the corner and then started moving the other stuff in its spot. I took the jumper and put it in the living room. I gently moved Alex in her crib and fixed up my bed. I put the toy box beside her crib. I opened it up and found a bear, and if you turned the nozzle, it made a heart beat sound. I attached the bear to her bed and turned it on. I closed the toy box and went to go get the play pen. I put it in the living room near the couch. I put her clothes in the pink drawers and put it by her crib. I put the stroller in the closet. We were all set. Niall had also secretly gotten Alex baby food for her in the future. I took the formula and put it in the cabinets. I made her 3 bottles just in case she woke up and got cranky. After all that me and Niall chilled on the couch and cuddled until Elyssa got home.

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