I care!

nikki and her best friend lisa are heading off to college, and they plan there
college days to be magnificent.But for them they cant seem to get it right but they end up in a One Direction love cycle with the boys.


22. About me...


Harry's point of view:

I was invited to go to dinner with Zayn and Nikki tonight. But I told niall that I was going to help him get over Nikki! Who should I chose....? Niall can just suck it up and get over her. But I would be a bad friend if I did. I will just ask him to come and make sure its okay with Zayn and Nikki. Highly impossible to get Niall to come on with us three.  Especially when it is a date to celebrate Nikki's and Zayn's new relationship. I will just have to convince all of them. And since Niall doesn't have a date to go I will escort him to this lovely day. So I went back to our dorm and told niall about my plan, he got ready and so did I. He waited as I asked Nikki and Zayn. I came back to the dorm and told him he could come but he can't make a big deal out of anything. 


Zayn's point of view:

I wasn't so sure how Niall and Nikki would both react on this date. But it was Nikki's decision to let Niall come with is so I can't take all the blame for it. Me and Nikki, and harry and niall all walked out to the parking lot. Nikki and Niall kept giving each other dirty looks. Niall and harry got in Harry's car. While I took Nikki in my car. Harry had followed me to the restaurant. Which was back in west palm beach. Nikki was listening to the radio as I drove. She offered to take over the wheel but I wanted her to have fun. She never really did have fun when she was little. She had a poor family. She had to work a lot, her parents really thought she was a bad kid. She was an angel from my point of view. On her days off she would come and hang out with Niall and the boys. Her and Niall had a relationship for over 6years! But Niall blew his chance with her on her birthday. What a shame. Me and Nikki's favorite song came on the radio, we both started singing. We loved doing duets together when ever niall didn't feel like singing. Nikki is a WONDERFUL singer. She sings like an angel. As her favorite song ended, I pulled into the parking lot, and carry pulled in right next to me. We all walked inside and sat down at a table. 

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