A Little Fall of Rain

Basically my version of when Eponine is dying. Marius, Gavroche is included. Rated T for character death. One shot.


1. A Little Fall of Rain



Eponine fell and Marius' feet.  


The national guard fell at the other side of the barricade.  

"Eponine? Eponine! Talk to me 'Ponine." Marius knelt and her feet.  

"Don't you fret Monsieur Marius. It doesn't hurt. You here. That's all I want." She fell weaker and weaker with every breath.  

"'Ponine!" It was Gavroche, her brother.  

Grantaire stopped him. "She wants her last moment with Marius. Let it be."  

"This little fall of rain cannot hurt me, Gavroche. Do not fret." Inside her pain was killing her, literally. A bullet had pierced her hand and traversed through her back. She was slowly dying, and was in a lot of pain, but Eponine was Eponine and was too brave to show her pain, even when dying.  

"You will live 'Ponine. Dear God above, let her live" Marius' eyes were filling with tears.  

"I don't feel any pain. Just hold me now. Shelter and comfort me."   "Hush a-bye dear Eponine, you don't feel any pain."  

"This little fall of rain can hardly hurt me now. The rain will make the flowers grow."  

"I'm here."  

"I want you to promise me something. Promise me."  

"I promise. What?"  

"When I die, kiss me on the forehead. I shall feel it."  

"I promise." Now Marius was crying.  


Gavroche had been standing with Grantaire and trying to stop himself shouting at Marius. "Yea, Sis?"  

"I'm sorry. For when we were younger. If you ever see Cosette, tell her I'm sorry. Tell Mama and Azelma the I shall always watch over them. I shall watch over you, too."  

At that she fell asleep.   Everyone bent their heads. Marius kissed her forehead. Gavroche ran away.   There was silence for 10 minutes. It was a silence you could cut with a knife.  

Enjolras broke the silence. "She is the first to fall. We shall fight the battle in her name."  

Eponine was gone. The fallen angel of the revolution.

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