Broken smile


10. Trapped

When I woke I almost jumped out of my skin when I found somebodies arm curled around my waist, and my face pressed into their chest. What had I done! I recalled last night’s events- not some totally stranger; just Louis… and nothing tragic happened. Phew. I felt Louis stir, and looked up to see his blue-green eyes peering down at me through the slits of his eyelids. He lazily smiled and twirled a piece of my hair between his fingers, still not breaking his concentration on me, or more accurately, my eyes.

“Rose, you have very pretty eyes” he muttered, looking slightly dazed.

“Um, are you ok?” I replied, my cheeks flaring a bright red colour.

“Of course I am ok! Why wouldn’t I be?” he snapped before sitting up.

“It’s just…people don’t really say that to me… shouldn’t we be getting back now?” I mentioned, changing the subject. Louis’s eyes narrowed as he glanced over the lake, his face slowly turning into a scowl. 

“We would be getting back, except for the fact my boat has disappeared.” He growled. Clearly someone got up on the wrong side of the bed (well beach) this morning. And quite frankly, that scared me. Nowadays, anyone with the slightest temper did. I backed away from Louis, who was now cursing over the fact we had no way of communication as well as getting back. 

“I guess we will have to swim” I said, and began to make my way down to the water. Louis roughly grabbed my arm and pulled me back around, where I was met by an extremely angry face. 

“Do you have a death wish or something!” he shouted, before pushing me away. I could see things were likely to get violent, but I couldn’t stop myself from replying. If he hated me, good. If I hated him, even better. It would make things a hell lot easier with the criminals like that. 

“Only just figured that out?” I shot back, receiving a glare. 

“Fine, whatever. Go jump off a cliff. See if I care.” 

“What is wrong with you!” I retorted…not the best response, but it’d do. I mean, who in their right mind tells people they won’t care if someone jumps off a cliff?

“What’s wrong with me? you are the one with the attitude problem.” 

“Oh please! You can’t talk!” Louis stormed up to me, and lifted his hand as if to strike me. I flinched, and took off into the woods.

Louis P.O.V.

The moment she took off I glanced down at myself. My eyes drifted to my hand, raised because I intended to grab her wrist, but to her, it must have looked as if I would hit her. Come on, I’m not that low. 

I lifted my gaze up; if we were going to get off this island alive, we needed to stick together. Who knows what could be lurking in the woods. Most likely wild dogs and pigs…

“oh shit” I muttered to myself, and ran into the woods after Rose.

Liam P.O.V.

I paced in the living room. It wasn’t like Louis to stay out all night. And it definitely wasn’t like Louis to stay out all night, and not call. How hard was it for him to pick up his phone and text me that he wouldn’t be home…but no, apparently Louis is too busy to mention his plans to his band. I glanced up at the clock as it ticked over 10:30am. That left half an hour before we had to be out of here and at the recording studio. I had called the recording studio 5 minutes ago, and they said they would call me back if Louis showed up there. My phone was still quiet. I picked it up, and dialled Louis number for the millionth time, with next to no hope it would be picked up. Then I heard the click. 

“LOUIS! Where are you! we have to be at the recording studio in half an hour!” I yelled, fuming.

Instead of Louis’ cheery voice replying, it was a deep, rough voice.

“not to worry, Louis is temporarily unavailable. Seems like he has gone missing for a while…” I heard cruel chuckling in the background, leading me on to thinking there was more than one of the men. “and I don’t think he will be returning for a while…” more chuckling.

“What have you done to him? You won’t get away with this!” I shouted, my voice breaking half way through. My anger began to diminish, and in its place was sick worry.

“Louis is safe with that girl…for now” the phone cut out before I could respond. I burst into tears, something I hardly ever do.

Niall P.O.V.

Liam is the most sensible, responsible member of the group. He is part of what keeps one direction together, with his calm temper, and reasons. He very rarely gets worked up over something, so today; we all knew something had gone horribly wrong. And we could only assume it had something to do with Louis.

Liam didn’t tell us what the phone call was about, but he will eventually come round, face the truth, and spill the beans. For now, I went to drown my sorrows in chocolate ice-cream, along with Liam, whilst the other boys locked themselves away in their rooms.

Rose P.O.V.

I felt something hook around my arm and I screamed. A hand clamped over my mouth, and I attacked it with my teeth, until I heard the voice the hand belonged to. 

“Rose, I’m so sorry! I shouldn’t have said that!” I then got angry. For one Louis could’ve given me more warning it was him. like maybe shouting out my name… though I would’ve just ran faster if he di- No, why am I making up excuses for him now! ok and number two, he said those things, its too late to take them back. The damage has been done.

“Go away. I don’t want to talk to you” I pulled myself out of his grasp and walked away, listening to his footsteps about a meter behind me.

“Rose, please!” he begged, fastening his pace to match mine.

“Go away!” I said, louder this time.

“Rose, how can I fix this?” his voice sounded pained, as if I was tearing his heart to pieces. So much for he doesn’t care whether or not I go jump off a cliff.

“By doing me a favour and leaving. Oh, and never talking to me again.” I said , pretty sure I had made myself clear that I didn’t want him around. Obviously not.

“Rose, I am so so so sorry! I don’t exactly know what I did wr-”

“You wouldn’t understand.” I replied, sighing. He took that sigh as a sign of me giving in.

“So, truce?”

“For now.”

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