Broken smile


5. Threats

I collapsed onto the couch in my living room as soon as I had reached home, biting my lip, and running my hand through my hair. My sign of nervousness. I attempted to snap myself out of it by telling myself it was all a big dream- I mean no one in reality can escape a prison, and even if they did, they wouldn’t be coming after a 19 year old girl, basically telling her to be normal and stop rejecting Louis’s friendship. But there was evidence that this was the case, sitting in front of me, clear as daylight. I still had those texts on my phone, and that newspaper…No it couldn’t be happening! it’s just not possible!

But nothing is impossible. A little voice muttered inside my head. NO, right now, I didn’t need to be fighting with myself. Right now, I needed a clear head, so I could find a way around this problem. That’s when the doorbell rang.

I moved more cautiously then ever over towards the door, stood on my tip-toes and peeked through the peek-hole, only to find no one was there. Instead, a found a pale cream coloured envelope in the place of a person. Haven’t these people heard of something called a letterbox. I weakly smiled to myself over my lame joke, knowing now was definitely not the time to treat everything like a game. 

I locked the door again, then walked back over to the couch to open my envelope. I sank down onto the couch as I unfolded the A4 paper , suddenly receiving a vibe that told me I wouldn’t like the contents of the letter. I began to read it, knowing I would regret it by the end, but what else could I do? Reading it would eliminate a huge portion of the chance I would end up dead because didn’t follow instructions; though I suppose by the end of all this I will be dead anyway- I mean criminals don’t leave witnesses like me lying around.

What’s the wait for? Befriend Louis, and do it quickly.
You have one week. I suggest start with a phone call.
Don’t bother trying to evade this, because we will find you, and there will be consequences once we do, such as, well you know what happened to your family
But just in case you don’t remember, we have enclosed a picture.Remember, we are always watching you. Don’t forget that.

My eyes drifted to the bottom of the page- and I screamed. Not one of those fangirling screams of excitement, one of those bloodcurdling, ear-splitting screams. Tears poured down my face, as the past repeated itself, except this time it was in a picture. My disembodied family were torn up past recognition, and blood…it was everywhere. It felt like I was being dragged back in time…

4 years ago.

I giggled at Jenna’s imitation of our French teacher, just as my bus arrived to take me home. 

“aww… I guess I will see you tomorrow then Rose?” Jenna said in her high chirpy voice as I began to board the bus.

“yah. Cya then” I replied as the bus began to pull out onto the road. I shoved my earphones in my ears, and rested my head on the window for the rest of the ride home.

“hey, mom, dad, bro. I’m home!” I shouted as I pushed the door open. The first thing I noticed was the trail of blood staining the once perfectly white carpet.
“Mom?” I called, starting to pick up speed when no one answered. “Dad? Michael?” still no answer. I ran into the living room to find blood splattered on the walls, still wet enough to be running down the wall and soaking into the carpet. I squeezed my eyes shut- this couldn’t be happening.

I ran into my brother’s room, to find my parents, definitely dead, lying against the walls, and Michael sprawled on the floor, still twitching. My knees went weak and collapsed beneath me. I gently pick up his head and placed it in my lap, stroking his blood stained hair.

“Michael…its ok…its me, Rose” I whispered, as my teardrops fell onto his face and mixed with his blood.

“Rose…Rose get outta here” he croaked, before his bloodied body went limp in my arms.

“No! please no!” I screamed, tears streaming down my face. My vision blurred, and everything was deep red…everything was covered in blood. I ran for the door, and crashed into a man, dressed in all black.

He chuckled cruelly to himself, then brought a knife down, running it along the right side of my face. I yelped and brought my knee up in between his legs, causing him to roll over in pain. I took that chance to sprint out of the house, without a backwards glance at my family, or the man who destroyed them.


I didn’t realise they knew so much about me; I mean, they knew my mobile number, where I live, and when I had, or hadn’t, done something. I guess that was expected, I mean, if these criminals can break out of a highly guarded jail, then they can find out enough information on a person to track them down. There was only one thing I could do now.

I leant forward to pick up my phone, and tried three times before I actually managed to get Louis’s number in properly because I was shaking so bad. I slowly lifted the phone to my ear, trying not to tremble and calm myself as I listened to the dial, then heard the click signalling Louis had picked up.

“Hello?” Louis cheerful voice rang into the phone. I resisted the urge to hang up there and then. “Hello is anyone there?”

“yes. Its Rose.” I choked out.

“oh my god! are you alright?” Louis’s voice changed from cheerful to panicked in an instant.

“No” I replied, fighting tears and the growing lump in my throat.

“I’ll be right there”

He hung up before I could reply.

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