Broken smile


9. Safe at last

I slipped into the spare seat beside Louis at the dining table as Zayn entered the room with six bowls of soup balanced in his arms. Liam scowled at Zayn and stormed out of the room, and seconds later I heard him on the phone ordering pizza. 

“What’s his problem?” I asked, careful not to let Liam overhear.

“he has a phobia of spoons” Zayn replied, smirking. I nod before turning to watch Louis, who was lazily stirring his soup with a tortured look on his face. I almost smiled at that. it brought back memories, good memories; I recalled my father’s awful cooking, and how when he did cook, the whole family made up and excuse of why they weren’t hungry. But along with good memories, also came the bad ones- that I would never run from the table giggling with my mum and brother, that I would never be able to tell my father his cooking skills were outrageous, and the worst memory, the people who tore apart my life are back for more. 

I lost my appetite after those thoughts ran through my head, and focussed on Louis instead, who had bravely decided he should try the soup. The moment the flavour hit him, his face turned sour and he spat the soup back into his bowl, whilst muttering something about chicken overdose under his breath. 

It appeared that I wasn’t the only one watching Louis, as Harry pushed his bowl away the moment Louis’s face showed signs of revulsion. Niall, who had already finished his bowl of soup, was working away on Harrys rejected one, much to my amazement. Liam returned with the pizza, and Niall snatches a slice of that before the box even hit the table, then proceeded to dunking it in his soup.

Zayn, with a now finished bowl in front of him, glared at all the boys at the table, before sulking off to the kitchen to clean up. Meanwhile, with all this going on, I was forcing the soup down my throat, partially because I was hungry, and partially because I didn’t want to be rude. Louis eventually took my bowl from me and in its place gave me a slice of pizza. Niall snatched my half eaten bowl of soup of Louis, and ate two spoonfuls before leaning back and complaining about a stomach ache.

“Lets play truth or dare!” Harry proposed after dinner, shooting Louis an evil grin.

“I’d rather not. I have other plans.” Louis replied distractedly, glancing at me. 

“ooh, skip to the chase then! You know you want each other…well, the bedrooms are that way.” Harry said excitedly, with a huge cheeky grin stretched across his face. I blushed furiously, but on the other hand, Louis looked pissed. 

“Harry, shut it.” Louis growled before grabbing my wrist and taking me back to the car.

“so, where are we going now?” I asked, my eyes drifting from the road to Louis as he started the car. He smirked as a reply, and pulled out into the street.

“argh! Louis, the suspense is killing me” I said overly dramatically, hoping for some kind of reply. No such luck. 

15 minutes later we pulled up on the side of a dirt road, and we got out of the car, and started to walk down a narrow path, with only torch light to guide us.

“Come on Lou, where are we going?” I begged, deciding that if this didn’t work, I would resort to ignoring him until he told me. The footsteps behind me stopped, so I turned around, afraid Louis was about to desert me. Instead, I found him staring at me.

“That’s the first time you’ve called me that, Rose.” Louis said, his voice sounding different to normal.

“oh, sorry” I answered half-heartedly, not able to pull my eyes away from his.

“I like it” he muttered. My cheeks started to burn, causing a smile to play at his lips. “come on” he locked our hands together, and we continued down the path, until we passed the tree line, and the starry sky came into view. My eyes drifted over the surroundings, and I noticed the stars reflecting off a perfectly still body of water, and the moon illuminating a small, but fancy red motor boat.

Half an hour of making small talk passed as Louis navigated the boat through the water, and I watched him carefully. Finally Louis stopped the boat in the middle of nowhere, anchored it, and gently pulled me to my feet by my wrist. We both paused, with his hand still locked around my wrist, and his warm breath lightly beating against my face. Desire for him to be mine swept through me, but then I realised he wouldn’t feel the same way. He would just feel sorry for me, because I have no one else. He would… I stopped as he cupped my face in his hands, and leant closer. My heart accelerated as his lips brushed mine and my eyes fell shut, then… then I was overboard, in ice cold water. Awkward!

Louis was on the floor of the boat laughing with his hands wrapped tightly around his now no doubt aching sides, after what he had just pulled. I glared at him, knowing now my earlier preposition was correct. I mean, if you liked a girl, then you wouldn’t go as if to kiss her, then push her overboard…though this was Louis I was talking about, so anything’s possible. Even though I hadn’t known him for long, I had figured out that. 

After Louis was done laughing, he bomb dived into the water, splashing me in the face. Finally he noticed my glare after what, 5 minutes, and apologized. I grinned, then dove under the water, and resurfaced roughly 25 meters from him, to realise I could touch. I forgot the prank I was about to pull on Louis, I could get my revenge later, and called him over. 

I walked up onto the shore of the newly discovered island with Louis, glad to finally get out of the freezing water. I laid down on the sand, gazing up at the bright stars and full moon, and listening to the water lapping against the beach, and the rustling sound of sand as Louis laid down beside me. I shivered, realising how tired and cold I was, so much so that Louis noticed. Louis moved closer and wrapped his arms around me, shielding me from the building up ocean breeze. I began to drift off, and my eyes softly fell shut. I felt Louis’ lips press gently against my forehead, and used the last of my energy to curl up with my head resting against Louis’ chest.

I smiled to myself, feeling safe and protected for the first time in years, and fell into a deep sleep.

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