Broken smile


6. Reunited

I perked up when I heard the chiming sound of my doorbell- Louis was quick. I realised I didn’t know what to tell him; surely he would want to take the text messages to the police if I told him the full story, and that’s exactly what they had warned me against. So that left me to make up a story about his fans…still without a set plan, I opened the door with a small smile playing on my lips; which disappeared the moment I realised the man standing at the door was not Louis. I screamed as the man’s hand whipped towards my arm and grabbed hold of it with a deathly tight grip. My eyes moved from his hand on my now almost purple arm down to his feet, which were now firmly placed inside my flat.

“I believe I have not formally introduced myself. The name is Flex” a cruel smile spread across his face. I made a failed attempt of pulling my now numb arm out of his grasp, with no such luck. Then I tried to kick him, but apparently that was expected too, so he blocked at the last moment, and I found myself lying on the floor groaning in pain. At least he had let go of my arm.

“Are you done with your unsuccessful attempts of trying to harm me?” Flex asked, his face twisted into a half amused, half annoyed look. Well, what most people would call a smirk, but I thought it was a more annoyed than amused look. 

“Well, I will be watching you especially carefully…” his face was fully wiped of any emotion; which made him look even more like the cold heartless bastard he was…if that’s even possible. I knew it was; I saw him that night…

No! I was screaming inside of myself. I did not need to go there again. not now. I needed to show this man that I wasn’t going to be affected and easily manipulated by his words. That would be more reasonable than bursting into tears on the floor like a pathetic toddler. I mean, he can cast a mentally weak person away; what good would they do? He could kill me without a second thought. But if I appeared strong and ready to fight; well then I could buy myself more time to work out a way to escape…

“Go for it. Maybe knowing that I am being watched will liven my life up that extra bit. Maybe…” I cut myself off as Flex pulled a knife. I started to scramble backwards, but he already had a hold of my wrist, and was pressing the blade against my skin.

“Let this be a reminder that I am watching, and take one wrong step…well let’s hope you will never find out” Flex muttered.

I felt the sting of the blade puncturing my skin before I saw the blood. It grew worse as Flex pushed the blade deeper. I bit my lip; the only way I could resist screaming as I watched the thick dark liquid leaving a trail down my arm and dripping off my elbow. Abruptly I felt the blade being ripped out of my cut, as Flex turned on his heel and stalked out of my flat, leaving the door wide open.

At least now I had an idea of what I was supposed to say to Louis, and it didn’t include my past life experiences.

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