Broken smile


4. Return

I must have been standing outside the coffee shop in shock for roughly 10 minutes. Finally when I came to my senses, I started my walk home, only to get the vibe I was being followed. I quickened my pace to a jog, taking the back streets to return home faster. Bad idea. A man, dressed in all black, stepped out of the shadows right in front of me. I screamed, and ran back the way I had come only to find another man like the first standing in the doorway of the coffee shop, watching me. Shh, nothing to worry about…they are only watching you because you are over-reacting. I told myself. Yes, they may look and dress like those men, but they are just normal… they don’t know me. but neither did those who tore apart my life…

My thoughts were cut off by an incoming text message. Wait, what! I have no friends, which means no text messages…I haven’t had a text, or a call for four years now…I flipped my phone open, and sure enough, there was a message waiting for me. 

Befriend Louis
Or else there will be consequences.

My head shot up, my eyes meeting those of the man standing in to door of the coffee shop. His mouth twisted up in a cruel, cold smile that sent chills to my bones. My hand hovered over the 911 speed dial button, but another text came in before I could press it. Shaking, I opened the second text message, already knowing what it would say before I read it.

Don’t tell anyone
You will regret it
We are watching you.

Panic swept through my body; this couldn’t be happening, not after all I had been through. I attempted to jog home, but I had been too badly shaken up, so I just managed a brisk walk. I skittered around shadows, and jumped at the slightest noises until I reached a busy street where I tried by best to blend in with the groups of shoppers. 

The news stand caught my attention…I slowly walked over to it, and picked up one of the papers in my trembling hands. Today’s headlines were; World’s Largest Criminal Band Pulled an Escape from Jail. My eyes flickered past the article straight to the picture of the escapees. They were the ones who slaughtered my family, and changed my life for ever.

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