Broken smile


14. Rescued

I was left breathless when Louis and I broke apart. Well, he just proved my earlier theory of him not in the least liking me wrong. Not such a surprise. Inside, I knew he liked me all the way along, but just didn’t want to admit it to myself. 

But even if he did like me, he couldn’t have me. And I couldn’t have him. it was just too dangerous. In another life, sure, but with everything going on right now, it just wouldn’t be applicable. 

“Louis, I am sorry, but I just don’t feel the same way as you-” I knew that was an extremely lame attempt at an excuse, and I couldn’t put my heart into it as I said those words. They felt wrong coming out of my mouth. 

“How can you not feel the same way? Everything that has happened so far goes against that statement. You are lying to me. Why?” Louis said his voice raising and his temper coming out. 

“No! They’ll destroy everything!” I blurted out, instantly regretting it. 

“They? Who are they? Fans?” 

“No. I…I can’t tell you.”

“More secrets? What is with you? can’t you trust anyone? Do you always have to be hiding things?” Louis’ woeful tone tore me apart, piece by piece. My heart twisted when Louis refused to meet my eyes, instead, keeping his focus on the ground. He kicked a stone, and sighed miserably. To see him like that felt like my heart was being wrenched from my chest, like it felt when I saw my family, dead. But Louis wasn’t dead. He was here, here for me. 

“Louis…” I whispered remorsefully.

“I don’t want to hear it. please, save the excuses for someone, anyone, but me.” obviously reasoning with him wasn’t going to get me anywhere, so instead, I ran up to him and embraced him in a hold so tight he stopped breathing; or maybe he just stopped breathing out of shock. either way, seconds later his arms looped around my waist, and his chin rested on the crown of my head. 

“Rose, lookaboatcoming” Louis yelled something incomprehensible after my name, and started jumping around like a drunken idiot on an extremely large dose of drugs.

“what?!?” I yelled over the top of the noise he was making.

“Boat, boat, boat!!” he shouted, pointing out over the water. I followed his line of sight and saw an orange rescue boat coming our way.

As the boat neared I began to realise the people on it seemed familiar. Hard faces, malicious eyes, well-built body frame, and cruel smiles. How is that even possible! There was no way I was getting on a boat willingly with them. I began to back away.

“Rose? Rose, what’s wrong?” Louis grabbed onto my hand, which was the only thing that stopped me from turning and sprinting deep into the forest where no one would ever find me again.

“I…I cant get on that boat Louis.” I hoped with all my heart that Louis would take the hint, and not get on the boat either. Otherwise the only other option I had would be to tell him absolutely everything; which would be impossible because the boat was approaching at a rapid pace.

“You need a lift back to the mainland?” the one who I recognised as Flex asked. Somehow his voice seemed kind, but I saw through the act, which exposed the mercilessness in his voice and crooked smile. I trembled, and was about to decline when Louis squeezed my hand and accepted the offer.

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