Broken smile


16. Playing the hero

I had hurt Louis. Severely. And I knew what I did would leave a mental scar. And what I was about to do, would completely crush him; that is, if he ever found out. Which I why I was praying he wouldn’t. He would despise himself if he found out I played ‘hero’, even more so if he ever discovered he could have stopped me with 3 profound words.

Play hero. I rolled the words off the tip of my tongue a couple of times, to get the feel of them. My voice came out broken, static and still inaudible. I laughed bitterly at myself. Playing hero isn’t what it’s made out to be. It’s not legendary; it’s not where you save some-one, then live happily ever after. The fairy-tales got it wrong; really, playing hero is marching to your death bed, with hopes that no harm will come to the people you care about.

I glanced up at the clock, making that familiar ticking noise. The noise I would listen to, as I waited for my favourite TV show to come on, the sound that I would hear as I drifted to sleep at night. To me, that rhythmic click every second, was a sign of peace, life and hope. Hope that each day, life would get better, and I would stop living in the past. Hope that I would find a way out of the cycle of grief, regret and disaster. But today was different. Today, the ticking of the clock only reminded me my death was nearing. That I only had 30 minutes at most, to live. 

But right now, I had the disadvantage. Those criminals were intelligent. I had no chance of out-smarting them; not that I wanted to. By the time I would have thought of my first move, the criminals would have predicted my first five. So that left me in the position of not having 30 minutes to live, but 30 seconds. Right on cue, I heard a knock on the door.
Liam P.O.V

I woke in a sterile white room, with an IV drip sticking out of my arm, and the machine beside me beeping at regular intervals. Hospital. I sighed angrily. I was gone for what, 10 minutes, and somehow, in that time, the boys managed to trash the hotel room. The irritating beeping beside me sped up as I recalled everything that had happened.

A nurse came in and jabbed me with a needle. My eyelids began to droop as the drowsiness took over my body. 

“Wait! Louis. Get Louis!” I muttered as I fought the stupor. I needed to see if Louis was okay after everything. Yes, he was a fighter, but everyone has a breaking point. And I had a feeling that this would not be the end. Louis getting stranded, the stark phone call, and his uncalled for break-up wasn’t something that happened that suddenly. Something was up, someone wanted to get to Louis, and I could tell that this was just the beginning.

“You are in no position to see anyone, especially with a chance of brain damage. Besides, visiting hours were over 2 hours ago…” Her words merged together as I slipped into a peaceful state of unconsciousness once more. 

Rose P.O.V

“We meet again”

“Hello.” I involuntarily took a step back from Flex. I may have wanted to die, but that doesn’t mean I wasn’t petrified by Flex, and how he was going to go about ending me. He took a step forward, and bowed his head so it rested just above my shoulder, with his face turned in a way that his lips were able to brush against my ear. I froze, out of terror, my blood running cold at the words forming between his lips. 

“So, you decided to disobey my orders. Well, we both know how that will end. Nasty.” He drew away, with a malicious, scheming smirk arising on his cruel mouth. My best bet was to remain silent, rather than anger him with one of the snarky comments developing in my panicked mind. 

“You are really quite beautiful. Shame about that scar though. But, it had to be done, otherwise you would’ve blabbed everything to everyone.” He muttered the words carelessly, with the knowledge that they meant nothing to him, but everything to me. 

“That scar wrecked me. My pride, my chance at a normal life, and my memories. It has haunted me. From the time when I was just a child. How does it feel, to have ruined someone who is half your age? Whats the point in me now? I refuse to do anything you ask, I am broken. So finish what you started. Finish me.” My voice failed, the last two words coming out at barely a whisper. 

“Finish you? oh no. that would require mercy. You have it completely wrong. I am not going to kill you. No, I am going to train you. If you wanted to die, you should’ve jumped off a cliff. Too late for that now love.” 

Before I could escape he had his arms wrapped roughly around my body and his cold lips pressed forcibly against mine. I hopelessly thrashed against his solid frame until I felt an icy-cold point of a sharp metal device dig into my shoulder blade, and a hot sticky liquid trickle down my back. He abruptly drew back, with a sickly smile that made me gag covering his face. 
“Satisfactory. I will be back tonight; we shall commence our training then.” He wiped my blood off his knife before re-pocketing it, and leaving my flat. I counted to 60, then tried the doorhandle. Locked. I glanced at the table I had left my keys on earlier today, to find they were gone.

Great, I was a prisoner in my own home.

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