Broken smile


7. Perfect company

I felt extremely shaken-up after the unexpected, and uncalled for visit from Flex. I mean, he had no real reason to come, apart from his own enjoyment of scaring me shit-less. I had a feeling Flex pulled that knife on me not because I was back-chatting him, but because I was not frightened enough to his satisfaction. 

I avoided glancing at the blood spilling from my wrist, and the now dark red carpet as I made my way to the sink to clean my cut. I held my hand under the cold water for as long as I could bear the sting of cold water running over my wound. The doorbell chimed for the second time today, and I ran over to answer it, my hand hovering over the doorhandle. I ran through the lie I was going to tell Louis one last time before answering the door. 

I was greeted by an extremely concerned face, which, as his eyes progressed down my body stopping at my bloodied wrist, turned horrified. 

“Let’s get you cleaned up.” Louis took me gently by my arm and guided me over to the couch. He carefully wrapped my arm in a bandage before sitting beside me.

“Louis…” I trailed off as our eyes met. There was something about him that I couldn’t lie to. Not when I was staring into those deep sea green eyes.

“Shh…Everything’s going to be okay. I’ll always be here for you. ” That’s when I lost it. The lump in my throat grew so big I could hardly breathe and tears streamed down my face uncontrollably. I didn’t deserve his sympathy. Heck, he shouldn’t even be here right now. He only promised to help me out with the fan problem, and by doing this, I was pushing the limit. He was doing everything in his power to help me, and I repay him by lies. I couldn’t do it; I can’t live like this… I won’t!

“Hey, don’t cry. It’s not worth it. They’re not worth it.” He said soothingly as he wrapped his arms around my shoulders and pulled me into him. No! I couldn’t take it anymore. I knew the mess lies got you into, and I did not want to go there again. His fans were not a problem, and they never would be- I mean, a bunch of screaming, angry girls is not something on your list of concerns when you have a group of high class criminals on your trail. Death threats from fan girls are nothing; all talk and no action, but criminals are another matter. There is a reason they are called criminals, and it’s not because of their threats. No, I was going to have to find another story to use, without giving away the part of being associated with one of the most deadly criminal bands. I started by shrugging Louis’s arm off my shoulders.

“Louis…” I began, replaying my new story in my head once more. 

“Shh… it’s ok. There’s nothing to worry about.” My eyebrows knotted together. Right now I did not need his sympathy. I didn’t deserve it.

“No! Louis, please…it’s not what you think” I watched his face turn confused before continuing. “I didn’t cut myself…well I did, but not in the way you think…” I trailed off as I realised my words were making no sense. “I didn’t do it on purpose…” I bit my lip, not knowing how else to put it, and looked down at my hands.

“I get it” Louis replied, his forehead still wrinkled in confusion. “But why me? Why call me?” That was the part of the story I was dreading having to explain to him. I had hoped he wouldn’t ask, but it was too late now.

“Uh, long story.” I answered, hoping he would get the hint. He didn’t.

“Well I’ve got all day.” I lifted my head to meet his gaze for a second, before dropping my eyes back down to my hands. 

“I’ve got no-one else” I mumbled inaudibly. Somehow Louis managed to hear that, and he clasped my hand inside his.

“I’m sorry” he muttered softly. I felt a hot tear run down the side of my face, before Louis’s thumb brushed it away. 

“How did you find where I lived?” Louis’s hand jerked back from my face the moment those words slipped from my lips, but I knew it was too late to take them back. I heard a noise, like a laugh, and looked up to see Louis quietly chuckling to himself. My brow furrowed as I tried to figure out what was so funny, when Louis spoke.

“Well, the lady at the desk at your college is very helpful when bribed with free one direction tickets”

I cracked a smile at that.

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