Broken smile


11. Passing time

I walked back to the beach with Louis in silence, now and then catching his gaze as he glanced at me; we both blushed, and smiled at the ground. That pattern was on repeat the whole way back to the beach. Several times I attempted to keep myself from looking at him, but really, he is pretty irresistible. No no no. not this again. I have to be able to resist him if I don’t want to get hurt. Selfish, yes. Wait. It couldn’t possibly be selfish if he doesn’t feel the same way about me. I mean, he only came after me because I was a girl, so in his mind I couldn’t protect myself against large animals that lurk in the trees. And then glancing at me; well I would continuously glance at someone else if I realised they were staring at me. So really, I have no proof that he likes me…

My train of thoughts got cut off when I felt water trickling down my face, and Louis calling my name. I glanced up to where the water came from, and found the sky was a dark grey colour, a strong wind was picking up and churning the once calm, crystal clear water into waves that crashed loudly against the sand. Louis cussed under his breath as the rain began to get heavier. 

“Come on” he shouted over the noise, and broke into a run, headed back the way we came. After a moment’s hesitation, I followed him.

“wait, isn’t it best if we stay out of the trees when it rains?” I had trouble shouting over the noise of the wind whipping around trees, and pouring rain. Louis didn’t hear. The rain increased so much so that it became difficult to see very far ahead, and I lost sight of Louis. I quickened my pace to catch up with him, before my foot got snared in a tree root. I screamed as I watched the ground come into view and impacted with my body. 

Louis P.O.V.

I heard Rose scream and instantly turned back around, swearing at myself for being so stupid. Why didn’t I wait for her? I should be protecting her, not leaving her to fend for herself. I found her laying on the ground with her foot tangled in a vine. Positive side: it could’ve been worse. She could’ve…No I don’t even want to think about what could’ve happened. 

I picked her up carefully, wrinkling my nose in disgust at her bloodied hands and knees. I caused this. If only I had waited…

“Louis, it hurts” she said before passing out in my arms. I walked around the forest in search of some sort of cave, and once I found one, went inside and laid her down up against the far wall so she was fully shielded from the rain. It was then I noticed my hand that was wrapped around her side was covered in blood. I glanced down at her, and found the source of the blood. 

Carefully I peeled her shirt away from the deep cut just above her hip. No wonder she passed out. I quickly attended to her wound using the limited supplies I had, which consisted of rain, and fabric from my jacket. I may not be a doctor, but I knew I had to keep her alive, and I knew how to go about it.

Rose P.O.V.
I woke up to see Louis beside me. that seems to be happening a lot lately… I also registered I was in a cave, and the rain had stopped only a few hours ago as everything was glistening as the sun reflected off the water.

I tried to sit up but that plan faltered when a sharp pain shot through my side. I whimpered quietly, trying my best not to wake Louis, but that idea faded rapidly when Louis’ eyes flickered open.

“Are you okay” Louis said, his voice croaky.

“I think so. You?”

“Never better”

“You don’t sound ok.”

“I’m fine!” Louis snapped. I watched him lean back against the wall and close his eyes. The silence grew louder, and finally I had to break it.

“What time is it?” I asked, and Louis’ eyelids snapped open.

“Around 3. You have been out all day.”

“That’d explain why I am so hungry” I replied. I began to get up, but Louis stopped me.

“Wait here.” he said before disappearing out of the cave. the moment he disappeared from sight I began to tremble. I was injured, by myself, in a cave. stop fretting! This is probably the safest I have been since those men. At least they can’t get me here. Then again, there were those messages about them knowing everything about her. Something told me that the boat didn’t just drift away; that somehow those men were linked into this. I decided I should tell Louis everything the moment he gets back. Relieved by having found a conclusion, I put my head back against the wall and closed my eyes.

What seemed like seconds later but was more like an hour later, I awoke to find Louis had returned. 

“Dinner is ready” Louis said as he scooped me up in his arms. He carried me up naturally made steps, no doubt carved out when the water used to rise up this far and beat rhythmically against the stone. Louis carefully put me down once we were on top of the cave, where a picnic of berries, roasted animal and coconut milk was set up. I glanced out over our view from the top of the cave, and discovered the sun falling behind the horizon, splaying shades of pink, orange and yellow over the sky. The colours reflected off the calm ocean in the distance, causing a golden colour to coat the treetops of the forest, and Louis hair. 

“This is beautiful.” I muttered, just loud enough for Louis to hear.

“I know” he smirked at me.

“Way to spoil the moment!” I yelled, with a smile plastered across my face. Louis chuckled quietly, then watched as the sun completely disappeared over the horizon. i found my eyes were glued to him, and at that moment, I realised I couldn’t burden him with my problems. And even if I did, those men would kill him, no hesitation, no second thought. I pushed that thought from my mind and indulged in the moment. 

“What’s your favourite colour?” Louis questioned, now tearing his gaze from the horizon to look at me.

“Green. You?”
“Red. Music?” he replied.

I hesitated for a moment. There was quite a variety of music I listened to, but there was one that was special to me. it had stopped me so many times from doing something I would regret; well, maybe I wouldn’t regret, but if I did do it, my parents would be disappointed in me. “Black veil brides” I said quietly.

Louis seemed to sense a change in me, and placed his hand over mine before continuing. “The fray. Food?”


“Pizza. Siblings?” 

“Long story.” I paused. Nobody knew what had happened that night, and keeping everything bottled up inside of me wasn’t helping. But now I had met someone I could trust. Someone who didn’t turn their back on me because of my scar, because of my personality, because of who I was. “It’s going to be weird telling you this, because I haven’t told anyone before, not even close friends. So, here goes nothing.” I took a deep breath.

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