Broken smile


8. New friends

“Come on, let’s go have some fun” Louis suggested, scooping my up off the couch. I giggled and wriggled out of his arms. Wait, no, this couldn’t be happening! Louis was way out of my league, and besides, every moment with him, I was betraying him. Or at least I think I was betraying him. Who knows what criminals have in mind. One thing I was not going to do would be to fall for him. I pushed my thoughts away, and let Louis’ statement sink in.

“Where are we going?” 

“Nowhere yet. First go get changed into something not covered in blood.” With that I rushed off to clean myself up, leaving Louis alone in the living room. I savoured every moment in the shower as the steamy water ran down my back and slipped through my fingers as I rinsed my hair. I reluctantly turned the taps off when I remembered Louis was waiting for me, and hurriedly slipped on a pair of shorts and a t-shirt. I pulled a brush through my hair and tied it in a messy bun before leaving my room without a backwards glance. 

I watched with amusement as Louis’ jaw dropped open when he saw me. I felt my cheeks heat up as I slowly walked over and shut his mouth for him.

“Now can you tell me where we are going?” I asked, bringing him back into this world.

“Ah, nope. You’ll see.” He responded when he gained the power of speech back. His eyes locked with mine, and I lost count of the number of seconds, or minutes, I was standing there entranced by him.

“Okay” My voice sounded distant and different to me as Louis reached up and ran his hand down the side of my cheek. I then realised what he was doing, and violently jerked away from him. This was the first time he had seen my face not plastered with make-up. This was the first time he had properly noticed my scar. 


The day I walked into school with my perfect face now marred by a scar was the day I realised not only my life had changed at home, but also at school. I was not the same person anymore, no matter what I wanted to be. For a start, I jumped at every loud noise, which caused everyone to wonder what was up with me. That, as well as the fact my hair was covering half my face; something I would’ve never done before the incident. My face was my most prized part of myself; my trademark. Before that day, I would have had my hair swept back in some elaborate style, but not when my face was practically destroyed. 

That caused even more questions, and rumours spread around the school fast. That’s when Jenna went too far, and moved my hair off my face. The moment she noticed the scar, I snapped, and our friendship ended; along with my friendship with everyone else in the school. I ran to hide in the toilets and completely broke down, when I heard footsteps of a group of girls reapplying their make-up. Jenna had told her side of the story to everyone, as when information like that goes around the school, it gets twisted; especially when the full story is not known. 

The rumours started off as ‘I must have been scratched by a cat’ but quickly turned to ‘she was torturing a cat for fun and it attacked her out of self-defence’ and so on. And once rumours start, you can’t get a hold of them. Everything you say from then on gets used against you; and you are classed as a liar. 

Things do happen overnight. I changed from the most popular, pretty girl in the school to the depressed lying nobody.


“Sorry…I didn’t” Louis began, but I cut him off. 

“It’s okay. Don’t worry about it” He gave me a half smile then grasped my hand in his and led my outside to his car. 

I followed Louis up a large number of steps, still curious of our destination. Finally we stopped in front of a cream coloured door with a brass handle. Louis knocked loudly on the door, and I listened as I heard a number of feet running around, as well as some shouting of “WOO” and “LOU IS BACK!” 

The door burst open and four boys barge out wrapping Louis in a bear hug. I watched awkwardly from the side until they broke apart and the one with curly hair noticed me. Soon after he realised I was standing there, the other three did too. They all stood their gaping at me, with their mouth open, but nothing to say. Curly recovered first.

“Ah, Lou, who is that?” Curly asked, not taking his eyes off me. I began to rock on my heels, slightly uncomfortable by all the eyes on me. 

“That’s Rosemarie. I’m sure you already know who everyone is Rose?” Louis said, his eyes also on me. I shake my head.

“Not unless their names are Curly, Blondie, Justin and Mr Perfection.” I replied, then blushed when I realised what I had just let slip between my lips. “Sorry”

Louis burst out laughing, while the rest of the boys glared at me in annoyance. 

“Curly would be Harry, the blonde is Niall, that’s Liam, and he is Zayn, though Mr Perfection also works.” Louis said, receiving a glare from Zayn. 

I smile and wave, pretending to be oblivious to their now frowning faces, and wait patiently for Louis to get me out of this awkward situation. He grabs my wrist and leads me inside. The moment the door closes to the apartment Niall shouts at the top of his lungs “I’m Hungry!” He then runs into the kitchen, and a series of cupboard door slamming echoes around the apartment.

“NIALL! Wait until dinner!” Liam shouts. Zayn, Harry and Louis smirk at that, and I feel as if I am missing out on some piece of important information to get that insider joke. If it is a joke. My train of thoughts were interrupted by Harry clearing his throat, then glancing down at Louis hand still tightly wrapped around my wrist. Louis and I pull away from each other at the same moment as if we are guilty of something, although we have done nothing wrong.

“So, Louis, is this the mystery girl?” Harry questions, with a huge grin spread across his face. 

“What mystery girl?” Louis replies.

“The one that you spend all your time daydreaming about” Harry began.

“The one that you think about so much you miss your entrance when we are recording” Zayn continued.

“The one who’s name is scribbled all over your set of the lyrics for our most recent song.” Liam finished with a grin.

“What, no! You’re making it up!” Louis jumped straight into denial mode, with his arms crossed across his chest.

“We have evidence” Harry said in a sing-song way, producing Louis lyric sheet scribbled with my name, and his phone with a recording of Louis missing his entrance into the song. I felt my cheeks begin to burn, and Louis’ were doing the same. 

“ Ok, I missed my entrance because I was thinking about our next tour, and you have no proof that I wrote all over my lyric sheet!” Louis growled, snatching his sheet out of Harry’s hands.

“Are you implying that we wrote it Louis? You know as well as I do that we didn’t know about Rose until tonight” Liam retorted, a smirk spread across his face.

“Really? Well that’s strange, because she was the cover story in the news this week” Louis replied, before retreating to his room.

“We are just friends” I stated to no-one in particular.

“mmhmm…but you want more…” Harry answered with a cheeky grin on his face. I resisted slapping him; yes that would wipe the grin off his face and get him to shut up, but then I would be little miss unpopular, and loose the only chance of friends I had. I was just about to reply when there was a loud crash in the kitchen, followed by a pain inflicted groan. We all rushed into the kitchen, including Louis who had obviously decided not to stay in his room the whole night, to see Niall sitting on the floor, cookie jar in hand.

“Gahh! Liam, next time you hide the cookie jar from me don’t put it so high” Niall whined as he shoved two cookies in his mouth at once.

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