Broken smile


3. New beginning

I knew things were different the second I walked into class. Everyone, who wouldn’t have given me a second thought, was staring at me, either with awe, or hatred. I tried pretending nothing had changed by sitting in my usual spot, the back of the class, with my head buried in my books, but it just wasn’t working. I could feel everyone’s eyes on me, and I could hear the whispers, rumours spreading around the room. I silently begged the teacher to arrive, but when he did, I wished he hadn’t, because his eyes too, where on me for most of the lesson. It’s not my fault Louis damn Tomlinson was there when that girl pushed me!

When the bell rang, for the first time in years, I was not dreading the fact the day was over. Instead, I was afraid those girls would be outside my apartment again, so instead of returning home as usual, I stopped at a café near the college. 

When I entered, I realised my mistake. How could I be so stupid to think only the college students would notice me? All eyes in the shop turned to me, with the same emotions; awe, or hatred. I lowered my head to stare at my feet, still determined to get that coffee. 

“ahem… would you like something to drink?” The waitress asked me. I looked up, just in time to see her eyes widen. Something told me the scar gave it away; everyone now knew me as the scarred girl who met Louis Tomlinson. I tried best I could to ignore her expression as I muttered my order. Five minutes later she rushed back with my coffee, but by then I had lost my appetite. I lazily stirred the drink, focussing all my attention on the swirls the spoon was creating, when I heard the café spark up. It got so rowdy that I almost believed Louis freaking Tomlinson and his band had arrived. But no, that was impossible; they were probably on their flight back to where ever they came from by now. 

“are you going to drink that?” a slightly familiar, beautiful voice asked. No, it couldn’t be! Just no! I glanced up, and it was. Louis was standing in front of me. 
“What does it matter to you?” I replied, praying that he would just leave me alone. He smirked, and sat down opposite me.

“Look, I’m really sorry if I have caused you stress or anything over the past few days. Fans can be a bit harsh….and it’s hard to stay unnoticed when your face is all over the TV” I smiled at that comment, and pushed my coffee away. 

“well, nice talking to you, but I should really get going before your fans get even more aggravated” I muttered, then stormed out of the coffee shop.
I heard feet running behind me, and turned to find Louis standing there. 

“Don’t let the fans get to you, and if they do, don’t hesitate to call me” Louis quickly reached for me and pressed a small piece of paper into my hand with his mobile number scrawled on it. He walked off before I had a chance to reply.

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