Broken smile


1. Intro:Rosemarie clare

Hey, I suppose none of you have heard of me before, but my name is Rosemarie Clare, Rose for short. I am a 19 year old college student, with my major being drama. Not that you care. I mean, nobody does… not since that day, where I changed from the popular, poster child, to the insecure little girl who hides at the back of the classroom, avoiding eyes of those with too many questions...
I was everything I wanted to be, everything everyone else wanted to be, until the day I entered the school, jumping at the sound of a slamming locker, or a shout echoing down the hall- the day I cut my hair to cover the scar that destroyed my once perfect face. 
This is the story of my recovery, from an occurrence in my life, that was more terrifying then my worst nightmare. And it all started with one direction.

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