Broken smile


15. Home, sweet home

I was half expecting to be dumped in the middle of the ocean, or kidnapped, so I was honestly rather surprised when the boat nudged against the partly submerged sand of the shore, at the exact place Louis and I were at earlier this week. 

Louis stepped out of the boat first, breaking free from our linked hands. I panicked and scrambled out of the boat after him, which resulted in me tripping over my own feet and falling towards my doom of landing face first in the sand. Louis heroically saved me from the latter by grabbing my arm to steady me. 

“Your friends are up there waiting, and we have other people to… deal with.” Flex said. Deal with? In other words, threaten, and kill. I turned towards Louis, whose face was completely calm, as if he didn’t register what Flex had implied by those words. I was screaming inside at Louis. Why couldn’t he notice, or pick up a vibe that there was something extremely wrong? but no, instead, he was too wrapped up in the fact that these people saved us, so to him, these men were the ‘good guys’.

“ah, yeah. Thanks” Louis replied

“Anytime” Flex started the motor, and just before accelerating, he gave me a smile that sent chills to my bones. 

We, no, Louis was greeted by bear hugs and playful frowns his band mates, while I, on the other hand, received a lot of irritated glares. Right, now was the time to leave. I inched away from the mass of lively, mischievous boys known as one direction, preparing to sprint, my plan being by the time they realised I was missing, I would be long gone. 

Clearly, that plan was futile, as I was mere steps away from where I planned to run, when Harry noticed me. 

“Rose! Where are you going?” All their eyes were on me, from Louis’ pleading me to stay, to Niall’s begging to get to know me, and Harrys’ demanding an answer. Now was the moment of decision. I, and only me, knew that this would literally be the choice of life, or death.

“I’m sorry. Goodbye Louis.” I turned and ran.

The sounds of Louis screaming my name, and Harry struggling to control him began to fade as I put distance between us. 

Louis P.O.V.

No! She couldn’t do this to me! I silently begged her to change her mind, then she muttered those barely audible words. Everything happened incredibly fast after that. I screamed her name, but before I could take more than a step forward, Harry seized me around my waist. I struggled to break free; I could still catch up to her! I refused to lose her this easily. 

I broke from Harrys grasp, but my wrist was immediately snatched up by Liam. Harry grabbed my other wrist, and they dragged me up against the car. 

“Let go of me! Dammit! Let go!” I fought against their relentless grips for a moment more, before going limp and letting tears fall. 

“Lets go home Louis.” Harry suggested softly. I nodded, and wiped the tears from my face.

I struggled to get inside with all the paparazzi questioning my puffy red eyes and tear tracks staining the sides of my face. Harry had his arm around my shoulder, guiding me through the stubborn crowd, now and then angrily yelling at them to move and stay out of people’s lives.

The moment I entered the building, I ran to the freezer to cheer myself up with ice-cream. I was disheartened to find it was all gone. 

“Sorry” Niall muttered sheepishly.

“I’ll go get some more. Everyone, behave yourselves.” Liam said, before leaving, letting the door slam shut behind him.

“this place is so depressing.” Niall stated, clearly talking about the lack of food, but Harry misinterpreted it. 

“That’s why I have these.” Harry ran out of the bathroom with a water balloon in each hand. A smile stretched across everyone’s faces, including mine. Zayn turned up the music to as loud as the speakers would allow, then joined in the fun.

In a matter of seconds, the vinyl floor was covered in at least two centimetres of water, and coating most of the furniture. Little fragments of coloured rubber were scattered the floor and in the other boys hair and clothes. Once the balloons had run out, we started sliding down the hallway, then making a sharp turn to spray water up in the air the way you would if you were to be surfing. 

I slid down, making the water spray high enough to lightly come in contact with the ceiling. I beamed at my ‘high score’.

“What’s going on in here?” Liam yelled. The doorhandle began to twist. First the speakers blew; maybe from the pressure of extremely loud noise running through them, the water from the balloons, or a mixture of both. 

“What the hell! I told you to behav-” he never finished the sentence. I watched in shock as he slipped backwards and knocked him-self out on the corner of the door. 

Zayn called the ambulance while I checked his head for bleeding wounds. After finding none, I just hoped there was no internal damage. Just to top off my day, I answered the door expecting it to be the ambulance, but in its place was a girl roughly our age. 

“sorry, no autographs, questions, presents and all that today.” I began to shut the door, but she stuck her foot in the way. 

“I want to speak to Harry.”
Harry appeared around the corner right on cue.

“Oh…this isn’t a good time but… Lou, this is my girlfriend, Tiana, and Ti, this is Louis.”

“Since when did… this happen!” I exclaimed, indicating between the two of them. 

“Since you ran off with…Oh forget it!”

I would’ve persisted, but the ambulance arrived. I sure as hell needed that ice-cream.

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