Broken smile


2. First acquaintance

The final bell of the day chimed, sending a loud, repetitive noise around my college to signal the day was over. Dread filled me, as I slowly stood and made my way back to my apartment; it was a day like this when it happened- when everything I had was crushed into pieces too small to be repaired. Even though I knew it would never happen again, I couldn’t help but remember my parents’ bloodied faces, and my brother, cut up past recognising.

It won’t reoccur…those men are in jail for life I repeated to myself. Abruptly I snapped out of my thoughts as screams surrounded me. I started to feel claustrophobic, and the world around me swayed as I drifted back into past memories; of my previous self, sobbing over my distorted parents bodies, and yelping in pain as that man slowly dragged a knife down the right side of my face.

Unconsciously I reached up and traced the scar from my right temple down to my cheek… Snap out of it Rose! I screeched at myself; now was not the time to be wrapped up in memories, not when there were so many people, not when I was so vulnerable, standing out in the open, ready to be snatched away by someone, just like those men snatched my family from me. 

I took a deep breath, counted to 10, then walked into the crowd of people screaming at the top of their lungs outside my flat. 

“Excuse me” I mumbled to a girl who was screaming something that sounded vaguely like ‘Hairza’. I edged my way around her, when she finally noticed me, and gave me the coldest, meanest glare I had ever received since those men. I turned, just about to sprint off, when she caught me by the sleeve of my blouse.

“Where do you think you going? Aren’t you going to say sorry for getting in my way?” she yelled, her grip on my shirt getting tighter.

“S…sorry…” I could barely hear myself over the top of my pounding heart. She let go of me, to my relief, but then pushed me. I stumbled backwards, bracing myself for the impact with the ground which never came. Cautiously I peeked through my eyes to find myself staring up into gorgeous blue-green ones. 

"Um, are you ok?" the owner of those eyes asked gently.
I pulled myself out of his arms, nod, and rush off to my flat without a backwards glance. I didn’t stop running until I had safely returned and locked the door to my flat. I slowly walked over to the TV and switched it on to distract myself from unwanted thoughts, only to find myself staring at my own face, and him, the boy with the blue-green eyes. Louis Tomlinson.

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