Broken smile


12. A better understanding

I told the tragic story of my life to Louis, from the moment when I left Jenna to board the bus, to when I was slightly relieved to discover those men had been arrested. Obviously I left out the part about them escaping, and the threats. 

I avoided eye contract with Louis the whole way through the recount of my life, not wanting to look at him in case tears spilt over. Instead, I focused on inspecting my flawless nails.

There was a second long pause after I had finished, then I felt Louis arms wrap around me, bringing my warmth from the chilly night air. 

“I am so sorry Rose! I had no idea.” Louis said softly. Tears sprung to my eyes- it had been so long since I had received sympathy. I swallowed the lump in my throat and forced the tears back. I wasn’t selfish enough to demand more attention by crying. Geez, I didn’t even deserve this much. I mean, lots of people no longer have parents, siblings and friends. So what makes me so special? Right, nothing. Nothing except for the fact I was pushed, and Louis happened to be there to catch me. This resulted in me becoming world-wide famous, or infamous overnight. But I didn’t want the fame, especially off the back of someone else. Least of all Louis, who I was hopelessly falling for.

I noticed I began to shiver, and Louis’ arms instinctively tightened around me. I smiled to myself, especially cautious not to let Louis see, whilst relishing the warmth he gave me. Ugh. Pull yourself together Rose! And again, it felt like I was taking advantage of Louis. I shook his arms off me, and was instantly embraced by the cold night breeze. I wouldn’t keep using him like this! I couldn’t! that left me one option- to leave him, and this life behind once we escaped this island. To take the burden, a.k.a. me, out of his life, and let him get on with whatever he was doing before I came along. To let the criminals take me, and reunite me with my family.

Louis P.O.V.

After she finished her life story, guilt washed over me. All those personal questions I had asked, which obviously stung her every time. How could I be so blind not to notice it! I realised her life must have had some kind of tragic occurrence from the scar on her face, and the way she acted, but I never imagined something like this. 

It made me feel more protective over her, more possessive. I knew it was wrong, but I couldn’t help it. At first, it was a crush; she was pretty, and would’ve been fun for a while, but now things had changed. I wanted her to be mine, and I didn’t ever want to let her go. 

In other words, I fell for her, so it hurt me a lot when she shrugged me off. but that’s karma for you. I couldn’t expect things to be perfect from how horrible I acted towards her this morning. I don’t know why I even began to think she would forgive and forget so easily. I mean, when I offered a truce, she replied ‘for now’. so what’s that supposed to mean? Truce but we are not friends, or ok, but I’m going to ditch you the second we get off this island. Either way, I needed to win her over. And to do that, I needed to start again.

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