just seems like a dream


1. :(

Chapter 1

   I was just sitting there. *Tap, tap, tap* wen't my pencil on my desk.
It was a a quarter to three and the clock kept ticking. It was almost
the end and as usual I only had one thing on my mind, One Direction!
Harrys hair, Nialls eyes, Louis humor, Zayns mysteriousness, and Liam
just being Liam. "Sherri!!!" yelled my friend Bethanie. "What?" I
snickered because my day dreaming was brutally stopped. "Class has been
over for five minutes now" she said. Was I really that into my day
dreaming? I got up, put my bag over my right shoulder and started
heading towards the door with Bethanie. We walked out the front doors, up
to the senior parking lot, and climbed into Bethanie car. "So what were
you dreaming about this time?" Bethanie asked. "What do you think?" I
said. We both laughed because she obviously knew who i was dreaming
about. We drove out of the parking lot towards the mall. "Turn on the
radio" Bethanie practically yelled. I turned on our favorite station and
our mouths dropped with the irony. One Thing starts playing. We both
cruise down the highway singing with the top down. Next what we herd we
couldn't believe.

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