just seems like a dream


18. WHAT!

*Sherri’s P.O.V*

  I woke up without a text back from Harry. He had a long flight ahead
so he was probably sleeping. I woke up extra early so i could visit the
boys before they left for England. It took me an hour to get ready and
I was out the door. I hoped in the car and drove to the hotel. As soon
as I got to the hotel, I ran straight up to Harry's room. I wanted
to surprise him. As soon as I reached his door, I knocked. Hm...no
answer. I tried again and nothing. i went down the hall to Louis' room
and knocked. Yet again there was no answer. *Baby you light up my world
like nobody else* went my phone. It was Harry. "Harry, where are you
guys, I'm at the hotel waiting to surprise you" I said. "Hey
sharebear..its Louis...we are at the hospital. Harry was out driving
last night. We don't know exactly what happened but he was hit. He was in
a car accident. We know it was serious because he’s in intensive care.
Can you please come down, we can use a friend down here." he said.
"Yes" I responded. I hung up the phone and rushed to the hospital.


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