just seems like a dream


9. watcha doing?

*Baby you light up my world like nobody else* My phone rang. It was a
text message. The text said "Hey babe. What are you doing today? Do you
and Bethanie  want to hang with Niall and I? let me know. x". I quickly got
up and called Bethanie . We both screamed and I replied with a yes. I got
ready and then went right over to Bethanies. When I got there, she was all
ready. We drove right to the hotel they were staying in. At first,
hotel security wouldn't let us in on their floor. "Hey hey hey. What
are you doing? These two are a loud" Paul told them. We walked out of
the elevator. Niall and Harry were waiting for us. "So what are we
doing today?" I asked. "We have an entire date planned" Harry said. We
took the elevator down and walked to the car garage. We all hopped
right into Harrys rental car and drove off. I sat in the front next to
Harry and Bethanie  sat in the back with Niall. "Where are we going?" I
asked. "It's a surprise" he said. Every time we passed a food place,
Niall would yell "Harry Harry Harry! stop Harry! I'm hungry! I'm
telling Paul". We all laughed. Finally we arrived at the first place, a
petting zoo. We all jumped out of the car and headed inside. Harry
grabbed my hand and Niall grabbed Bethanies. We all walked around and
looking at the animals. We saw this zebra. We told Niall to pet it but
he was afraid to. Instead Niall went up to it and starred at it.
Eventually we left and rode to our next destination, the park. Harry
and Niall set up a picnic for us. We ate pasta, tacos, potatoes,
salads, and drank water. Niall also brought his guitar and played a
little bit for us. It was so nice. After the picnic, we went to our
last destination, a carnival. We walked around for a little bit. Niall
won Bethanie  a stuffed unicorn. Harry won me a giant teddy bear. After
this, they decided to go on the the Ferris wheel. Bethanie  and Niall got
on after us. The entire time Niall and Bethanie  were laughing and
giggling. Harry and I talked. Harry put his arm around me. I looked
into his beautiful green eyes. We gazed at each other. Finally we gave
in, leaned in, and kissed. It was just a normal kiss n the lips. We
looked at each other and smiled and kissed again. This time the kiss
lasted longer. The ride ended and we got off. Harry still had his arm
around me. We all walked back to the car and drove to the hotel.

*Bethanies POV*

  We went back to the hotel. I needed to get home so I drove home. Niall
followed close behind me in Harrys car. When I got home, Niall ran out
of the car. "Bethanie  wait!" he yelled. I stopped at my door and turned
around. "Yes?" I asked. At that moment his lips touched mine. We kissed
for a good three minutes. "Have a good night Bethanie . I promise I will
text you the morning. Night babe" he told me. I walked inside and just
smiled. It was amazing.

*Nialls POV*

*(to himself)

  Oh wow! This girl is amazing! I can't believe I met her. I'm so happy.
Nothing could ruin this night. I really like her and I don't want to
lose her, I can't lose her. I'm tired. I shall go to bed. (falls asleep
dreaming bout Bethanie )

*Harrys POV*

  I drove Sherri to her house. Niall fell asleep in the back and we
didn't want to wake him up so we walked to her porch and talked. "I had
a really great time Sherri" I told her. "Me too. It was a lot of fun"
she said. We both looked at each other, closed our eyes, and then
kissed. It felt amazing. I felt like I was unstoppable and nothing
could ruin this moment, absolutely nothing. We just smiled at each
other for a while. I had to do it now. "Sherri?" I asked. "Yes?" She
replied. "W-W-Will you be my girlfriend?" he tried to spit out. "Yes"
She replied with a smile and a kiss. Everything had been lifted off my
shoulders, the world was no longer a weight. I kissed her good night
and I left with a smile on my face.


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