just seems like a dream


4. todays the day

*Baby you light up my world like nobody else* I woke up to Bethanie
calling me. "Get your butt right over here!!! It's already 930! We
still need to get ready!" she yelled. I hung up, jumped out of bed,
grabbed my clothes and ran out the door. I went right over to Bethanies. I
didn't even brush my hair. I got over there to Bethanie running up to me.
She rushed up the stairs to her bedroom. She made me get changed right
away. it was 11 by the time we were done changing and doing our hair. I
was in my outfit and Bethanies outfit was red skinny jeans, a striped T
shirt and converse. She says that's her style and she doesnt need to
change for any man. "Bethanie?" i asked. "yeah?" Bethanie said. "Can you do
my make up?" finally i asked. Bethanie was so good at doing her make up.
It made a lot of girls envy of her at school. Bethanie laughed. "sure" she
said. She worked on my make up a good thirty minutes and hers a good
thirty minutes. It was a little over twelve. We had to be at the venue
at 2 and it was an hour and a half drive. We left as soon as we noticed
the time. We took Bethanies car because its a convertible and way better
on gas. The entire way we listened to the entire One Direction CD. We
did nothing but talk about them and about the concert. We couldn't
wait! We arrived to the venue with half an hour until the V.I.Ps were
aloud in. We walked up to the box office. "Photo ID" the man said in
such a mellow tone. I showed him my ID. "Here you go. Enjoy" he told
us. He handed us the tickets and V.I.P badges. It was really happening!

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