just seems like a dream


16. time to meet the parents

We drove right over to my house. Harry hurried because the boys were
becoming annoying in the back.We arrived at my place and all jumped out
of the car. We walked up to the door together but the boys and Bethanie 
decided it would be funny to hide behind the bush. I knocked on the
door and my mom answered. "Sherri! I missed you so much! Now get
inside! We haven't seen you in a couple days and we are all up waiting
for you!" she said. We hugged. Louis then decided to jump up. "HEY MOM!
I'M HOME!" he yelled. Followed by that, all the boys and Bethanie  got up
and walked over to me. "Oh! I see you brought friends with you!" said
my mom. My sister Jessica then walked out. "Mom! Whats taking so long!"
she was saying until her mouthed dropped. "OH MY GOD! YOUR ONE
DIRECTION!" she screamed. "Mom and Jess, I would like to introduce you
to my new best friends Niall, Zayn, Liam, and Louis."Oh I know who they
are! But why didn't you include Harry?" Jess said. "Because....Harry is
my boyfriend Jess..." I said. Harry came up to me and put his hand in
mine. I loved it when he did that because it feels as if his hands were
made to fit into mine. "And why is Bethanie  holding hands with
Niall?" Jess asked. "They are dating too Jess" I told her. "Oh hunny! I'm
so proud of you! All you guys come in! I hope you like cake and ice
cream" my mother told us. "Cake!!!!!!!!!" Louis screamed and ran
inside. "Excuse him Sherri's mom. We would love to come in for dessert.
May I eat my ice cream with a fork though?" Liam asked. We all laughed
and walked inside. "Hello dad!" I said. "Sherri! Welcome home darling!
Why are there a bunch of boys with you?" He asked. "Dad these are my
friends and this is my boyfriend Harry" I said. "Wait! Harry? He looks
like that One Direction fella. You know those guys on the posters all
over your room!" he said that embarrassed me. I turned red and the boys
started to chuckle. "Babe I find it cute that you have posters of us"
Harry said sweetly. I hugged him and smile. My mom brought out the
cake. Each one of us had a fork and a spoon except for Liam who had
only a fork. Niall was first to finish and helped himself to seconds.
"Wow that boy can eat" My mom said. "You have no idea" I responded and
we all laughed. We all just sat around joking and having fun like a
normal family. It was the best family experience i have had.

*Harrys P.O.V*

  Wow this family was so sweet. It was good to finally meet her family.
"So Harry, what do you do for a living?" he father asked. "I'm in the
band One Direction. These are my band mates" he responded. "Really? I
thought you boys were joking earlier. So you are really from One
Direction?" He asked. "Yes we are sir" I responded. I was really
nervous. I didn't show it but inside I was scared. Everyone was
laughing and having a good time so I don't know why I was so scared.
"So do you boys want to see a baby picture of Sherri?" My mom asked.
"Please mom! Don't!" Sherri pleaded. We all nodded our heads. Her mom
came out with an amazing picture of her. She was a really cute baby. We
all "Awed" in unison. "You were such a cute baby Sherri" said Louis. We
all agreed. Sherri looked all embarrassed. "Babe! It's ok don't feel
embarrassed. When you meet my mom she will do the exact same thing" I
told her. "When I meet your mom?" she questioned. "Yes when you meet my
mom silly" I told her. She looked stunned probably because she knows I
only take special girls to meet my mom. "Yes you are special"
I whispered in her ear. She smiled and her smile was just beautiful. I
love her smile. When she smiles, her eyes glow and its as if sun is
shining on her. It is magical. It was getting late and the boys decide
we should leave because we didnt need Paul to have a fit. Sherri walked
us to the door. They all hugged her and it was finally my turn. I
hugged he tight. I honestly didn't want to leave her, I wanted to stay.
I knew though I couldn't stay because the boys needed to get back to the
hotel. We hugged for an amazing three minutes. "I love you Harry" she
whispered in my ear. I started to cry. I couldn't help myself. She herd
me crying and held me tighter. I pulled away from the hug. "I love you
so much too Sherri" I told her. We connected and kissed. "I should get
going but text me?" I told her. She nodded, we hugged, and I left.

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